Virtual Reality Pioneer and Tsunami VR CEO, Alex Hern

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Virtual Reality Pioneer and Tsunami VR CEO, Alex Hern



Alex Hern, CEO of VR company, Tsunami, is a pioneer in an industry that is ever evolving, changing, and shaping the way we view the world. Whether through virtual reality concepts for gaming, or in other sectors such as healthcare, construction, and manufacturing, various industries have benefited from his contributions to VR technology. Tsunami has leaped into the fray of virtual reality with development of various business communication components featuring virtual reality concepts hardware and software.

As a member of the Board of Directors for the Silicon Valley Internet Capital, Alex has worked in ventures and capital all his career redefining what it means to be a silicon valley leader. Hern is a pioneer in business communications hardware and software and Tsunami VR will be no exception to continuing that standard of exploration, development, and deployment of strategic devices that enhance our loves throughout various private and public sectors. Tsunami is looking to occupy a strategic location to enhance its footprint and in turn attract some high quality talent. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Aside from Tsunami VR, Mr. Hern has been involved in various tech industry success stories including co-founding and serving on the board of Arcsight which eventually was sold for $1.5 billion to Hewlett Packard as well as CloudShield which was sold to SAIC. Follow Alex Hern on

While an obvious industry pillar and pioneer, Alex Hern has a solid and reputable history in a variety of industries that affect our everyday lives. His expertise and experience of crafting some of the most exciting technologies of our time will always make him an important element of silicon valley and the future of virtual reality. Tsunami is helping to shape how the industry applies virtual reality. It certainly isn’t just a game application anymore. It is importance in a variety of aspects from saving lives, to improving the quality of our lives.


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