Vijay Eswaran: Tips To Success In Life

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Vijay Eswaran: Tips To Success In Life



Two Minutes from the Abyss is among the many inspirational publications by Vijay Eswaran. In the book, Vijay highlights pillars to self-development and living a purposeful life. He uses personal life experiences and philosophies that attribute to his success and prominence. Eswaran uses writing to reach out to the community. He is also a motivational speaker. According to the renowned motivational speaker and writer, minutes from the abyss means living in the present. Every second an opportunity goes by and life chances decrease. There is no promise of tomorrow hence the need to utilize the present fully. Vijay identifies this principle as the biggest lesson in his life.

Eswaran believes in a life of constant change. According to the author, the primary cause of failures in life is failing to recognize the need for change. Any kind of change, no matter how small is way better than redundancy. However, Vijay warns against losing values in the name of change. He refers to this as regression, a downfall. He believes somethings should never change. Values instilled in childhood should not be replaced by compromising habits. Additionally, Vijay despises comfort zone in life. He believes sacrifice whether in the form of time or money is vital in self-development. According to him, sense of security is an illusion that attributes to the downfall of human beings. Vijay believes in, no pain no gain. Acceptance and interest in learning are critical to growth. However, knowledge without application is useless because it only leaves one as an academic.

Besides, Vijay Eswaran believes in purpose finding a person rather than working towards a purpose in life. He explains that the sense of urgency that makes one wake up early to achieve daily goals place them in line with people with similar ambitions, for instance, a mentor that guides an individual in the journey. According to Vijay, nothing happens by mistake. No one encounters a wrong person at any point. Everything in life happens at the designated time, neither late nor early.

Vijay believes trying and failing is much better than not trying at all. He defines success from a missionary-mercenary perspective where one believes in the end justifies the means while the other focuses on the journey rather than the destination. According to Vijay, willingness to sacrifice for success defines the capability of a person.

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