The RealReal to open more Pop-ups this year

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The RealReal to open more Pop-ups this year



The director of marketing at The RealReal, Allison Sommer says that the brand intends to open more stores in 2018. The motivation to expand has generated from the tremendous success that the company got after officially opening a brick-and-mortar location in New York City. The company has already branded 2018 as the year of the pop-up. According to Ms. Sommer, stores are of essence since they help in attaching authenticity to the brand and at the same time give online brands a powerful street-level presence. In the year 2016, The RealReal held a pop-up in New York City and was able to make at least $2 million. The success registered during this time has motivated the store to open even more pop-ups. Sommer revealed that an order from a store is about six times more valuable than an online order.

There is a tendency of customers finding captivating features and value for the brand which result to customer loyalty. In San Francisco for instance, The RealReal opened a pop up that lasted for two months from November. After the pop up was gone, the new market created did not die. It lived on. After the closure of the San Francisco pop up, the number of online buyers from the area increased by a significant 500 percent a year. The brand is hopeful that it will register the same success when it opens a pop-up in Las Vegas and other locations in the entire United States of America. The primary objective of this store is to ensure that customers who love fashion and are not used to having a pop-up find a place to shop. It also wants to help the shoppers become more familiar with first brands.

Ms. Sommer notes that the modern day consumer is not intrigued by luxurious fashion, fine jewelry or home décor but are fascinated by getting a top-notch experience. The RealReal was officially launched in the year 2011 and was founded by Julie Wainwright. The company is the number one seller of some of the most sought designer pieces such as Chanel and Cartier watches.

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