The Life Of Cassio Audi Is Marked By Two Distinct Careers

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The Life Of Cassio Audi Is Marked By Two Distinct Careers



cassioaudiCassio Audi is a name known to two very different groups of people in Brazil and across the world. For those with an interest in the financial industry, Audi is known for the impressive work he has completed as one of the leading investment specialists in Brazil; for fans of heavy metal, Cassio Audi will always have a special place in their hearts as the former drummer for the cult Brazilian band, Viper. Read more about Cassio Audi at

As a founding member of Viper, Cassio Audi is seen as much more than simply a former drummer who left behind the fame and acclaim of the music scene in order to become a financial expert and teacher at Sao Paulo University. Instead, his work as a drummer on the two demo recordings Viper created in 1985 sold through bootleg markets as “The Kilera Sword” is seen as the high point in creativity for the early years of Brazilian heavy metal. An entire genre grew up around the work of many of the early drummers working with some of the top bands of early Brazilian rock music including Cassio Audi’s move to become a legendary figure in Brazilian music despite beginning his career as a teenager. Follow Cassio Audi on

Viper recorded a number of albums over the years and saw a reunion pay off with the return of legendary founding singer, Andre Matos in 2012. Cassio Audi has so far failed to return to the heavy metal scene of his youth as he has become one of the top financial experts in Brazil owing to his dedication to remaining an important part of the capitalist community. For many heavy metal fans, Cassio Audi will always remain an important member of Viper tasked with building the basis for which the band has continued to find success long into the 21st-century.



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