The Celebration Party Of Juan OG Perez.

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The Celebration Party Of Juan OG Perez.



Juan OG Perez is a reputable person known in the United States due to his records in sports. He is not only a baseball player but also an investor. Through his achievements, he has grown to gain friendship with other great personalities. He has also increased partnership with other people one being the famous musician Jay Z.

The two have grown to be personal friends with close relations to the extent of being associated with particular social events. Recently, the Hip-hop icon showed the love for OG Juan by celebrating his birthday. He contributed money to make the celebrations colorful. The invites were also great personalities and close friend to make the birthday celebration colorful and meaningful at the same time.

The close friends contributed the funds to ensure the celebration is a lavish and worth remembrance. The night started early with a sumptuous dinner at an international Japanese restaurant. The members involved included Jay Z Perez’s wife and other friends. They later proceeded to a Mexican nightclub hotspot in wood. One of the friends, Hova paid thousands of dollars for liquor.

At the place, the birthday reached the climaxed as the friends had fun and drunk to their fill. It soared, and they intended to spend to appreciate a new year to their friend. Therefore, they spent as much money as it could help another investor purchase property that is worth a lifetime such as land.

The friends together with OG Juan rounded their night at the Playroom Nightclub. The Roc Nation crew partied till early morning. They used drinks such as champagne and bottles of Ace of Spades Rose. The spending led to one of the servers posting the birthday in social media making it known to the public. Different people reacted in various ways as some were excited and others seemed confused. Others claimed it was wastage, but they felt fulfilled and shared with other tables in the club.

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