Susan McGalla successful career and empowerment of women in the society

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Susan McGalla successful career and empowerment of women in the society



Susan McGalla was born in the year 1964 and grew up in East Liverpool, Ohio. She grew up together with her two siblings. Susan’s father was an ambitious man working in a local football club as the coach. Susan’s parents were incredibly supportive in making sure she achieved her goals as a businesswoman. After completing her high school course, she enrolled for a degree course of Business and Marketing at Mount Union College located in Alliance, Ohio. She now serves as an active member of Board of Advisors at Mount Union College. After graduating from the college, she decided to relocate from Ohio to Pittsburgh. She was hired in various marketing positions at regional department store chain and also served in various managerial positions. She worked there up to the year 1994.

In the year 1994, Susan was hired to work at American Eagle Outfitters as the merchandise buyer for women clothes. She was later promoted to work as a manager in various departments at American Eagle Outfitters. Susan’s handwork and experience made her to be promoted to be the President and at the same time serve as the chief merchandising officer of the company.In the year 2009, McGalla quit her job at American Eagle to chase her dreams and goals of becoming a private consultant and establishing her own company that will provide relevant information to retailers and private investors. McGalla acquired her exceptional communication skills as she grew with her supportive parents and her brothers.

Susan McGalla is an ambitious woman with high hopes for the future generations of women venturing into the business world regardless of how the society views them but instead they should maintain an open mind and believe in themselves. With such a mindset, many women will rise to become successful in business in the future and many years to come. That will break the stereotype of the society viewing women as homemakers and should not be working. She argues that the only way to break gender discrimination cycle within the organization is the creation of sponsorship opportunities. Susan Mcgalla wants to see a world where women have equal opportunities with men.

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