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Ryan Seacrest, One Man Doing It All



The NY Times used Ryan Seacrest’s quote, “I’m only working to eat well and drink wine,” as a teaser to its article but that quote truly sums up why and how Seacrest is able to do all he does and do it well. From American Idol to On Air with Ryan to Live with Kelly to a skin care and fashion line, Ryan is one man doing it all.

How is he able to juggle it all? Two words. Self care. Ryan’s self-care routine is what puts him over the top. Seacrest is mostly vegan and begins his day with matcha tea and working out. Ryan also is known to lock his phone in a safe when he is out on a trip. Doing so allows him to have the down time that his mind needs. Taking care of his physical and mental well-being, allows him to work hard and affords him the opportunity to experience magnificent food and great wine with friends and family on the weekends that this self-proclaimed “foodie” needs. This is what gives him joy and is the catalyst for his continued success.

Ryan Seacrest is probably best-known for hosting and producing American Idol and producing Keeping Up with the Kardasians. But Ryan also has a nationally syndicated radio broadcast On Air with Ryan and co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. So whether you just want to hear his voice or see his on-air shenanigans and amazing physique, there are many ways to get your Ryan Seacrest fix.

Ryan owes handling it all, being successful at it all, making it all seem effortless to one of his mentors, Dick Clark. Seacrest was able to work with Clark a few years before Clark passed. Ryan recalls thinking how easy Dick Clark made his television and radio appearances seem, and he voiced this to Clark. Clark explained that you are doing your job well when others have to perception of seamlessness.

Ryan Seacrest is just one man, but he is surely doing much with his life.

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