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Retirement plans by David Giertz



David Giertz is a financial advisor in the United States of America, with over 30 years’ experience in the field of finance. He works with the National Investment Service Corporation as the president of the nationwide financial distributors, since April 2013.

Before occupying this office, David Giertz was the senior vice president of the commercial distribution and sales at the company until March 2013.

Nationwide Investment Service Corporation is a financial investment firm in Dublin, Ohio. He is also a licensed business coach with WABC.


David Giertz graduated with a bachelor of science degree from Millikin University. He also has MBA from the University of Miami.

Insights into a financially stable retirement

On matters of economic stability at retirement, David Giertz believes that it is not easy to save early for retirement no matter how much a salary one earns per month because of the unpredictable nature of needs in life.

One cannot tell how much money is needed to cater for these requirements in the retirement period. It is, therefore, necessary to also focus on other areas of income before retirement.

The needs that come with departure determine how much money one needs to save. He says that a good saving entails keeping at least six times your yearly income by the time one hits 50 years and ten times the annual salary ones your reach 60 years.

Early retirement would, therefore, subject one to save up to 33 times of annual income. He also believes it’s a great idea to save chunks of pay into the retirement account.

David Giertz also believes investments can be an excellent path to financial freedom, but it not only depends on what one invests but also how. Such questions must be taken into consideration before investment to come up with a good investment strategy.

According to David Giertz, adding the brokerage account to the savings account is the best way of walking into retirement while financially stable. Mr. David says the brokerage account gives a lot of options in investments and withdrawal without many restrictions.

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