A Sneak Peek into Clayton Huston Entertainment Business



Entrepreneurship is not as easy as it is often thought especially in the fast emerging and strong music industry. It is more challenging when one decided to build his own brand and music enterprise.


Clayton Huston was born in Nashville, Tennessee and studied in central Michigan University graduating with a bachelor’s degree in theatre design and technical production. He also pursued a postgraduate degree in Business Administration and thereafter worked as a designer and rigging consultant in Chicago.


He has since been involved in a series of roles including being a production manager, stage manager, sound engineer and the vice president of production. These roles were his stepping stones to venturing into his own business in live music that has been successful.


With the vast experience he gained from working with different people, Clayton saw an opportunity when the company he was working for faced problems. It is at this time that he decided to dare and start his own business which fortunately took root.


His day to day job includes live event production, sound engineering, and rigging. His company also provides logistics services and stage management. He acquires his clients mainly from recommendations from friends. He also sells himself out through his social media platforms ensuring that he has been heard of in all corners.


All the success has however not been handed on a silver platter. There are a lot of challenges that he has come across in his journey to success. When he was venturing in his own business, he was sued for poaching clients which cost him a huge chunk of money. Finding clients was also a problem, but his consistency and hard work eventually paid.


His stage management duties require instant tough decisions to be made as one wrong move could mess up the whole event. Fortunately, his attention to detail serves him right. He thinks through every situation, carefully analyzing the options to stay ahead of every situation. He usually lists the expected activities of the day and assigns them out to improve efficiency.


These challenges have built him up and taught him to be more resilient and hardworking. He associates himself with like-minded people. His future plans are to build and maintain a good reputation and to invest more in the emerging technology to enhance creativity.


His best advice to everyone is, be honest with yourself, never to give up and always put your family first.

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Chris Burch Helps Guide Entrepreneurs



When we are on our journey to win at life, it is important to model success. There are many misconceived notions about getting to the top all by yourself. It has been testified by many successful entrepreneurs that they did not achieve the levels and heights of success that they did without a team. They admit that they did not do it alone. We all learn from those around us and we are constantly being influence by people we look up to. That is why it is important that we make sure that we learn from the example of people who have at least reached a degree of success that we wish to one day obtain. A person of this caliber is Chris Burch, source (

Chris Burch has met and had conversations with successful author and spiritual genius, Deepak Chopra. If guilty by association is a thing, then so is awesome by affiliation. Chris Burch makes sure to have his foundation set his spirituality. He understands that success is nothing without that deep sense of fulfilment. One must be empty before they can be full. Chris Burch seems to definitely be fulfilled in his life and is a great example for that fact alone, as posted on

The successful entrepreneur has also composed many unique and informative articles in several websites that dish out invaluable gold nuggets for those that are looking for direction in their business life. One of Chris Burch’s keys to success is his ability to spot the opportunity. That means that he can not only spot the opportunity when it is easy to see, but he is also able to see the opportunity when it is buried deep under mountains of challenges. Same goes when working in a team environment. If there is a team member that can’t spot the opportunity or is unwilling to, it is better to place him in a different position or replace him or her altogether, useful reference (

Another gold nugget that Chris Burch provides for his avid readers is that it is imperative to get your team on the same page. Get them all to focus on the same goal, and accomplishing it becomes exponentially quicker. Chris suggests to create a work environment with a culture that does not complain. In other words, one that does not deliver problems without solutions. It’s okay to not know what to do some times, but be sure to give it careful thought before you give up on solving the issue, refer to




Jacob G. Visium was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He was a great fan of baseball and worked hard trading baseball cards in his younger days. While he was still in 7th grade, he won a contest where he was required to pick stocks. His father was so impressed that he arranged for him to have an investment trading account. He also earned entrepreneurial experience buying supplies from a grocery shop and selling drinks to golfers in a nearby golf course to thirsty golfers.

Jacob G. Visium is the CFA, MD, PRMIA. He managed to earn his Chartered Financial Analyst at the Association for Investment Management and Research in 2001. He got his Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Economics at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. He went to New York University Medical School and was able to graduate magna cum laude receiving his Doctor of Medicine degree. Jacob did his medical internship in New York City at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York. He would later quit medicine after growing a fascination in the stock market and his dream of being a financial pundit.

He served his tenure as the Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner at an organization he established in 2005 called Visium Asset Management, LLC. Before the creation of Visium Asset Management, Jacob Gottlieb was at Balyasny Asset Management as a founding member. He thrived at Merlin Financial as an investment portfolio manager in London before joining Balyasny Asset Management. He was formerly associated with Sanford C. Bernstein and Co. as a buy-side analyst.

His philanthropy sees him helping his communities in various organizations, one being Robin Hood with a mission of improving living standards for 1.8 million New Yorkers. This organization, based in New York, is the City’s most prominent poverty-fighting organization. It provides real estate, management, and financial support to 200 of the best nonprofit organizations.

They strive to reduce the opportunities barriers for almost half a million New York residents. Ranging from keeping over 200,000 residents in New York from starving, assisting nearly 11,000 off the streets, to supporting well over 10,000 of them landing jobs. Although the organization is mostly focused on New York, their impacts are felt past the borders of New York City.Apart from the poverty-fighting, Robin Hood charity situated in New York, he is also active in organizations such as Math for America and the nonprofit Covenant House engaging with homeless children.


The Celebration Party Of Juan OG Perez.



Juan OG Perez is a reputable person known in the United States due to his records in sports. He is not only a baseball player but also an investor. Through his achievements, he has grown to gain friendship with other great personalities. He has also increased partnership with other people one being the famous musician Jay Z.

The two have grown to be personal friends with close relations to the extent of being associated with particular social events. Recently, the Hip-hop icon showed the love for OG Juan by celebrating his birthday. He contributed money to make the celebrations colorful. The invites were also great personalities and close friend to make the birthday celebration colorful and meaningful at the same time.

The close friends contributed the funds to ensure the celebration is a lavish and worth remembrance. The night started early with a sumptuous dinner at an international Japanese restaurant. The members involved included Jay Z Perez’s wife and other friends. They later proceeded to a Mexican nightclub hotspot in wood. One of the friends, Hova paid thousands of dollars for liquor.

At the place, the birthday reached the climaxed as the friends had fun and drunk to their fill. It soared, and they intended to spend to appreciate a new year to their friend. Therefore, they spent as much money as it could help another investor purchase property that is worth a lifetime such as land.

The friends together with OG Juan rounded their night at the Playroom Nightclub. The Roc Nation crew partied till early morning. They used drinks such as champagne and bottles of Ace of Spades Rose. The spending led to one of the servers posting the birthday in social media making it known to the public. Different people reacted in various ways as some were excited and others seemed confused. Others claimed it was wastage, but they felt fulfilled and shared with other tables in the club.

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Recapping the Truths of NewsWatch Tv’s Review



According to the video review of Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign, the amount of exposure that NewsWatch Tv provides for Fortune 500 companies, independent app developers, non – profit organizations, and small businesses from around the world shows varied but positive results. If the goal was to either expand the members of a campaign or to raise a certain amount of money the goal was not only met but was exceeded. For example in the case of The Avanca Crowdfunding campaign was a great success because $456,551 was raised which meant that they achieved 2,939 % of their goal in the 30 day period.

NewsWatch Tv is a morning news entertainment show based in Arlington, VA that updates its viewers on the latest technology, finances, medical discoveries, health, news, celebrities, and more. In the United States NewsWatch Tv airs on the AMC Network and the ION Network and reaches over 96 million people nationwide on each edition. Over the past 25 years the series has reached over 700 million people which in turn gives NewsWatch Tv the title of “One of the Most Successful Independently produced News magazines on television.” The awards that NewsWatch Tv has received in 2017 like The Gold and Platinum for the prestigious Marcom Award and the Videographer Award proves that NewsWatch deserves the title of the most successful independently produced news magazines on television.

Between July 2010 and July 2017 NewsWatch Tv has become the go – to program for over 650 of America’s top entertainers and celebrities to have discussions. Over the past year Hollywood stars such as Carrie Underwood, Bradley Cooper, Cee Lo Green, Dwayne Johnson, are just a few of the hundreds of well – known celebrities that have appeared on the program in order to discuss any of the latest causes and issues they support. In the past year NewsWatch Tv has also features hundreds of well – known companies including: Ford, Toyota, Bounty, Nascar, Legos, Kelly Blue Book, Suave, Discovery Channel, American Heart Association.


Ryan Seacrest, One Man Doing It All



The NY Times used Ryan Seacrest’s quote, “I’m only working to eat well and drink wine,” as a teaser to its article but that quote truly sums up why and how Seacrest is able to do all he does and do it well. From American Idol to On Air with Ryan to Live with Kelly to a skin care and fashion line, Ryan is one man doing it all.

How is he able to juggle it all? Two words. Self care. Ryan’s self-care routine is what puts him over the top. Seacrest is mostly vegan and begins his day with matcha tea and working out. Ryan also is known to lock his phone in a safe when he is out on a trip. Doing so allows him to have the down time that his mind needs. Taking care of his physical and mental well-being, allows him to work hard and affords him the opportunity to experience magnificent food and great wine with friends and family on the weekends that this self-proclaimed “foodie” needs. This is what gives him joy and is the catalyst for his continued success.

Ryan Seacrest is probably best-known for hosting and producing American Idol and producing Keeping Up with the Kardasians. But Ryan also has a nationally syndicated radio broadcast On Air with Ryan and co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. So whether you just want to hear his voice or see his on-air shenanigans and amazing physique, there are many ways to get your Ryan Seacrest fix.

Ryan owes handling it all, being successful at it all, making it all seem effortless to one of his mentors, Dick Clark. Seacrest was able to work with Clark a few years before Clark passed. Ryan recalls thinking how easy Dick Clark made his television and radio appearances seem, and he voiced this to Clark. Clark explained that you are doing your job well when others have to perception of seamlessness.

Ryan Seacrest is just one man, but he is surely doing much with his life.

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Graeme Holm is Helping Austrailian Families Get Financially Fit



Graeme Holm is one of the Top 100 Brokers according to MPA’s rating and is the director of Infinity Group Australia, an NSW brokerage. The approach of the company is to help its clients to access their budgets in order to delegate the weekly income for such things as groceries, travel, fuel, entertainment, and other expenses.


After the loan is given the go-ahead, Infinity helps its clients to pay off their loan with the assistance of a personal banker that the firm provides. They have assisted many of their clients to pay off their debt, and they even helped one specific family to pay off $96,271 on their loan within just one year.


Infinity also provides an extensive and thorough monthly performance report to each of their clients that help them to understand their budget and whether or not they need to make any adjustments. They also provide their clients with detailed reviews. There has yet to be a client that they cannot help and they are helping their consumers to control their spending and to live within their means.


Infinity charges a fee of 10% of the annual debt reduction and clients pay more off their home loan in the initial three months with infinity. Banks do not typically like their clients to pay off their debt as quickly since they tend to lose money.


Infinity has created an open and fee-for-service type of model that is straightforward and that their clients can understand. Infinity was nominated for Optus Business Awards in 2017 because of their stellar customer service, and they consider their clients to be family members.


Graeme Holm has 17 years in the financial services field, and he also has extensive experience in real estate, finance, and financial planning. He was inspired to found Infinity after realizing that many families in Australia have been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to their dealings with financial institutions.


When working in the loan market Graeme Holm fond that most of the clients are living hand to mouth and could only make the minimum loan payments. He wanted to create a company that would not only help his clients through their finances, but that would be able to help them to get through their loan journey with a better understanding of how to beat debt. Infinity offers financial trainers that help their clients to keep budgets, track expenses and to decide whether purchases can be justified or not. Having a financial coach ensure the financial success of their clients and reduces their loan amounts substantially. That is what Infinity is all about helping their clients to reach their financial goals rather than making a company rich. Learn more:

Turning Back the Clock on Aging



Chances are that if you’ve ever heard the buzz about age-reversing regimens, you’ve probably seen a lot of backlash and skepticism in response. You may have contributed to that as well, having seen a fair share of it in your time. The good news is, there’s a functional science behind reversing the toll that the years have taken on the body. The first step is arming the body’s nutrient stores with the necessary ingredients to build up a defense while purging toxins and getting your system back on track.

This is exactly what Jeunesse aims to do with the Youth Enhancement System, which was designed from the ground up by researchers who developed a proprietary formula for each of nine aspects to the human body. Jeunesse was originally formed by Randy and Wendy on September 9, 2009 with intent to open up a world of possibility for those who sought a truly functional anti-aging regimen to solve their ills. The enterprising twosome erupted from the safety of their well-funded retirement to jointly create a new way to protect your youth in the coming years while reclaiming what’s been lost.

The Ethos of the Youth Enhancement System

Jeunesse’s success as a multi-level marketing company in the alternative medicine field owes to their grip on reality when it comes to reversing the damages of free radicals, sedentary lifestyles and abysmal dietary patterns. This reality is that no technology of human creation is as powerful as the human itself — that is, the power of the body to correct course and return to a healthy state of being. This is achieved by purging toxins, fortifying immune functions and opening up the hidden potential that you never knew you had.

The nine-step Youth Enhancement System achieves this by addressing multiple focused areas inside your biology with varying mediums of nutrient administration. Though pills, drinks, powders and more, you can restore wellness to your sleep schedule, daytime energy, fitness routines and more. There are also a collection of skin creams that help revitalize that youthful spark and smooth out blemishes to have you feeling and looking young once more.

How Juan “OG” Perez Famously Celebrated His 50th Birthday



Juan “OG” Perez recently celebrated his birthday with his wife and a close group of friends. It is said that his friend, Jay Z spent about $113,000 for celebration which included $13,000 on the dinner, $9,000 on drinks, and another $91,000 spent at a club they went to.

Along with Jay Z and Juan “OG” Perez, his wife Desiree Perez was along for the ridge as well as other ROC Nation people. They started the night out in Midtown where they ate at Zuma, a highly popular Japanese restaurant, which both Jay Z and his wife Beyonce are big fans of. They dined on steak, lobster, and sushi which resulted in a $13,000 bill. They followed this by going to a restaurant-nightclub named Made in Mexico. They spent $9,000 here on D’USSE’ which is a high-end cognac.

Taking everything to the next level, Juan “OG” Perez and his party moved to Playroom Nightclub. This was attended by just Juan “OG” Perez, Jay Z, Desiree Perez, and four friends of theirs. This is where they legendarily spent $91,000 on 40 bottles of champagne. This included 20 bottles of champagne, Ace of Spades Gold, and 20 bottles Ace of Spades Rosé. One of the servers took a picture of the receipt and posted it on Snapchat which is how word of this expense got out to the public.

Juan “OG” Perez grew up in Harlem and graduated from high school in 1985. He first met Jay Z in 1996 through a mutual professional contact, Kareem “Biggs” Burke who co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records. They ended up becoming big friends and have now worked together for a number of years. They are both involved in leading ROC Nation and have opened a number of lounges and sports bars together. They now have five locations of the 40/40 Club around the nation.

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The Stunning Gregory Aziz



National Steel Car is perceived worldwide for its original outlines and assembling of railroad cargo and tank autos. It is a benefit to have had the chance to work with an extraordinary group of technologists and architects. Together we have taken a shot at a wide range of and testing ventures over my 25 years vocation in this organization. Gregory James Aziz Chairman, CEO and President of National Steel Car, one of the world’s driving assembling organizations, railroad cargo auto building and situated in Ontario, Hamilton. As indicated by Gregory J. Aziz The foundation of this extraordinary organization is our kin. We are enormously glad for what we have accomplished together. National Steel Car today is unique, assorted, inventive and values-driven than at any other time.


Greg Aziz joined his family’s sustenance business in 1971 known as Affiliated Foods. More than two decades, the organization developed to end up the leading shipper of new nourishments from European, South and Central American markets, with its dispersion arrange extending the United States and crosswise over eastern Canada. We are continually testing ourselves. We are relentlessly increasing present expectations. We know how to center our qualities with productivity unmatched in the rail business.


We have a profound feeling of reason and are consistent with our center qualities. For this, we are known and trusted by our clients to manufacture the most noteworthy quality railcars with reliably high on-time conveyance execution. Greg offered appreciation to providers who remained with them since their establishment. Ultimately, he recognized that the vision of magnificence saturates his 2000-part workforce and through their work.


James Aziz is living in Toronto along with their little girls Karina and Natalie and with his significant other Irene. They are effectively engaged with the game and plainly understood for their help of the equestrian network. Throughout the years, they have supported a few distinct classes at the Royal Winter Fair Horseshow. Since he is such an insightful pioneer, National Steel Car as of late praised its 100th birthday celebration in business.


The reason this happened is a direct result of a few shrewd practices. Understanding that National Steel Car couldn’t keep becoming in light of its past accomplishments. He started ingraining a dream of advancement inside the organization and test them to continue developing. This vision of greatness enabled National Steel Car to make a procedure of productivity that is unparalleled in some other rail organization. This tenacious quest for advancement has ensured that National Steel Car will stay as North America’s best decision in railroad transport. Visit This Page to learn more.


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