A Profile of Success – Raj Fernando



Raj Fernando is the Founder and CEO of Scoutahead, an internet start-up aimed toward giving companies, professionals, and students access to information needed to advance their careers. Fernando got his start in trading while attending school at Beloit College in Wisconsin. He volunteered at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as well as the Chicago Board of Trade from 1991 to 2001.

Using the experience he gained while an undergraduate, Fernando founded Chopper Trading in 2002 which he ran successfully and sold in 2015 to DRW Trading Group. During his time as CEO of Chopper trading, Fernando hired over 250 employees and traded the Nasdaq, Eurex, and Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed among others. Fernando contributed the success and growth of Chopper Trading to the hands-on approach he took as the CEO. While most companies will only interview a prospective employee for a few hours, Fernando would spread the interview out over several days, allowing the interviewee to meet several members of his staff before having an individual interview with Fernando. According to Raj Fernando, this process produced a higher employee retention rate within the company.

At the same time he was operating Chopper Trading, Fernando was also contributing to the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC) and served as a featured panelist in 2010 to speak about disruptive trading practices. This commission aimed at supporting competitive, transparent, and a financially stable market.

In addition to running successful companies, Fernando also contributes to many philanthropic agencies within Chicago and supports the following organizations: Wounded Warriors, PAWS Chicago, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago. He serves on the board of directors for the American Security Project as well as the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Brookings Institution Foreign Policy Leadership Committee.

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Eric Pulier: The Technical Expert



Eric Pulier is an American businessperson and an author as well as a philanthropist. Mr. Pulier was raised in New Jersey. He started his programming career while in the fourth grade. He began a computer database business while still in high school.Pulier joined Harvard University in 1984 where he specialized in Business Administration and attained his Bachelor’s degree in 1988. He also went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and majored in American Literature and English. He wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson.

Eric Pulier has founded and co-founded many companies through the use of technology. He founded a company called People Doing Things (PDT) a business that deals with health care and education among other issues. He also initiated an interactive agency Digital Evolution Company which joined with US Interactive LLC in 1998. Pulier also builds a social network for sick children. Star Bright World was created to enable the children chat and post content and also meet new people who share same experiences. Mr. Pulier built and executed The Bridge to the 21st Century which is the Presidential Exhibition website in Washington D.C. He is a member and a supporter of the Clinton Global Initiative. He is also the leader of the Enterprise Leadership Council. He co-founded Understanding Enterprise SOA and is the Chief Technology Officer of Santa Monica Media Company at present. He has raised Millions of dollars in business ventures he has co-founded or founded. He recently sold his company at $ 350 million. Mr. Pulier owns a restaurant in Califonia which is attached to his nightclub.

He is among the most successful businesspersons in the government and technology business. Mr. Pullier can turn a small idea into a complete business with a profit of a million dollar. He is acknowledged for his novelty and successful business in technology. He was listed among the 30 e-Visionaries by VAR Company. He is a public speaker at technology conferences worldwide. Mr. Pulier is a donor to various non-profit administrations. He is the innovation board member of the X-Prize Foundation. Mr. Pulier also funds the camp for kids with chronic illness among other charitable organizations.

Talk Fusion, a World giant Video Marketing Solution Company



Talk Fusion is a world leading video marketing solution company. Bob Reina who is also the current CEO of the company today established the company in 2007. The company services target to help the business people to get ahead of the competition, increase profits and sales. It does so by maintaining and making more customers. Talk Fusion uses videos to make marketing activity more engaging persuasive and effective.

The Talk Fusion company products are marketed in over 140 countries around the world. The marketing channel is the person to person-through Independent Associates. For business people who want to expand their market and make more profits, Talk Fusion offers a 30-day free trial of their service. The applicant does not have to use a credit card to access the service.

Talk Fusion uses WebRTC Technology for video chats. The WebRTC technology allows users to video chat with anyone in the world using any device provided it has a web camera and internet connection. The application can be downloaded in the Apple iTunes store or Google Play store. The Talk, Fusion Video Chat product, has won two Communications Solutions Products of the Year Awards from Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC).

In a press release, the TMC CEO, Rich Tehrani said that Talk Fusion Video Chat product is the best of the best Video Chat application used for marketing in the world today. He also termed Talk Fusion as true leaders of video marketing solution. The company has great products that have been tested and proven effective in transforming business. They also help business people to map the network of their clients across the globe.

After receiving the Award of the year 2016 for Communications Solutions Products of the Year, the CEO of the Talk Fusion said that this was just the beginning. He also said that the company’s team of experts are working and planning for an all in one product that will revolutionize the Video marketing solutions. The Chief Technical Officer of the company, Ryan Page, also confirmed that there are bigger plans for the company.

Being the best for the year 2016 was just a confirmation of how efficient and innovative the company is.

Highlands Has a New Strategy To Improve The Effectiveness of Its Charity Fund.



Highland Capital Management has been donating more than $3 million dollars to charity organizations such as Dallas Foundation. Highland’s commitment to support communities is part of its strategy to give back to the society and impact to the challenges and opportunities the community has. Dallas Foundation has been a partner of Highland Capital to help in the management of the Highlands’s charity fund. The partnership was to help Highland concentrate with its core activities and let Dallas Foundation manage its foundation commitment.

Recently, James Dondero commonly referred as “Jim” enhanced the partnership with Dallas Foundation as the firm plans to increase its current contribution to higher than $3 million. According to Dondero, Dallas Foundation was an excellent choice to partner considering that the organization is deeply ingrained in the Dallas community and has a proven track record of achievements in the non-profit community.

The enhanced partnership between Highland Capital Management and Dallas Foundation formed Highland Foundation Inc. that will act as the supporting organization of the Dallas Foundation. Jim and Mary have already laid down strategies that will become the framework for the charity fund to achieve bold and efficient results. Some of the initiatives that have benefited from Dallas Foundation include education, veteran, and healthcare initiatives in the Dallas Community. The list also includes some civic organizations including The Bush Presidential Library, The Dallas Zoo, and The Perot Museum.

In an environment where every business is competing to the core to gain more profits in the market, not many organizations align with the idea of supporting communities. Therefore, a partnership such as Highland and Dallas Foundation is incredibly important to civic groups facing financing challenges. The partnership of Highlands and Dallas Foundation led to the hiring of Linda Owen, the former CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Linda will be responsible for connecting the vision of Highland Capital Management to improve the lives and civic organizations in North Texas.

James Dondero is one of the most successful investment advisor in the world having co-founded and impacted growth to Highland Capital Management since its inception in 1993. The firm has over $20 billion in assets under management and has recorded high growth especially in its institutional division.

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John Goullet Impacts Others in the Industry



John Goullet is a person who has done a great job of building his career over time. There are a lot of people who are investing in companies, and John Goullet is someone who has helped other people in this area. As one of the leaders of a private equity firm, he knows how to look at a business in a different way than others. Private equity is a competitive business, and often times there is little room for error. John Goullet knows what it takes to succeed at a high level in business, and with his work ethic he will continue to help Divergent get to the next level.

Diversant Growth

One of the best growth stories over the past few years is with Diversant. The company has done a great job of meeting the needs of customers making a lot of money. John Goullet has a big role in this, and he is executing on a plan from many years ago. Anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level should look at what he has been able to accomplish in this area. There are a lot of people who are looking to the future with a lot of worry because of things that are happening in the economy. Diversant is a company that is always going to impact others because they are in private equity. When the economy starts to get bad, this is when they start to invest in a lot of companies that they can turn around.

John Goullet

From the time he was young, John Goullet has always been the type of person to take things to the next level. There are a lot of people who are looking at the future with worrying. However, John Goullet knows that his company is in a good position to succeed with the current economic conditions. If you are someone who is wanting to start your own business, he is a great example to follow. He treats his employees well, and he also delivers on the promises that he makes to other people in the business.

Realize Your Modeling Dream with Brown Modeling Agency



How to become a Commercial Print Model
Do you want to become a commercial model? Do you have what it takes to grace the red carpet? If your answer is yes, I have with me the necessary steps and guidance to see you through your dream career.
Get Your Best Photos
When I say BEST photos, I don’t mean the pictures from your Smartphone or your home digital camera, but pictures snapped professionally by a professional photographer. Your HD camera may snap the best photos, but that won’t count since commercial print modeling is all about professionalism. Get a picture with your best smile on it and submit to a modeling agency of your choice.
Find a Recruiting Agency
The good thing about modeling is the fact that new modeling agencies are sprouting on a daily basis, and hence the chances of you getting noticed are high. If you are the eye candy type of person, it won’t be long before an agency bumps on you. A good number of agencies have a system that allows would-be models to send their pictures for consideration.
Meet a Potential Recruiting Agent
Getting that all important call from an agent is a dream come true to many of us. When you get such a call, always try to stay calm and focused. During such meetings, recruiting agents usually take a look at your pictures and compare them with your physical appearance and your overall body reaction. Keep in mind that this is more like a job interview, and if you flop in your first date, then I’m afraid it might take long before another opportunity comes knocking.
Signing Contracts
You have finally passed your “interview”, and it’s now time to sign that mouthwatering contract you have always dreamt of. What should you know at this point? Well; don’t get too excited and sign things you barely understand. As a commercial print model, you should always be aware that you will be working on a freelance basis. In most cases, what you are likely to sign is a contract giving your agent the right to handle your money. Surprised? Well; you shouldn’t be. This is the norm in the commercial modeling industry.
Love the Camera
Modeling is all about the connection between you and the camera lights. As a model, you should always be comfortable during photo sessions. Bring out your killer smile and I guarantee you that you will be in the industry for quite a long time.
Brown Modeling Agency
Brown Modeling Agency is a reputable commercial talent agency based in Austin Texas. With over six years in the industry, the company has cemented itself as a force to reckon with in the modeling, theatrical, and talent search industry.

Can All Air Conditioning Companies Be This Good?



After already suffering from heat stroke in the past, Jean Jackson was in desperate need of a solution when her window air conditioners gave out on her. At the age of 94, Jackson needed to figure out her next move quick due to the elderly being at a higher risk of health problems with extreme temperature changes. Knowing that Jackson relied completely on her Social Security check, Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber came to her rescue. They fixed her water lines, and made it to where she can both heat and cool her home, something Jackson would have never been able to afford on her own at the cost of $14,000.

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

Goettl Air Conditioning is owned by Ken Goodrich, a giving individual who sponsors students, gives scholarships, helps veterans and supports his community. He is completely focused on helping anyone who needs the help and is determined to bring that kind of attitude back into the air conditioning industry. Based in Arizona, his company just celebrated its 75th anniversary and have a lot more good years ahead of them. People depend on Goettl Air Conditioning and their valued support.

If Goettl Air Conditioning was offered in my community, I know that I would be utilizing their services because they put their customers first every single time. Not only do they respond quickly to your needs but they also offer tips and instructions on checking your own HVAC system before having someone come to your home. They have been featured on the news to offer their tips and are notorious for donating their time, parts and services to their community. If all air conditioning companies were this good, then maybe we could all stay more cool through the summers.

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Securus Inmate Technology is Helping Inmates and Families During the Christmas Season



Christmas time is a special moment in the lives of many people. Especially, for children who really look forward to this holiday every year. Young children enjoy the Christmas season with their parents. As a matter of fact, if a parent was incarcerated during this time of the year it would be tough. However, this does not have to be their reality.

I have discovered that a technology company called Securus provides video visitation equipment for inmates. This technology is truly a blessing for inmates. Why? Because it allows them to communicate w their families through the use of video technology.

I watched a promotional video about an inmate visiting with their child during Christmas time and discovered how video visitation equipment keeps families united.
During the video, a child who was talking to his incarcerated father.

The child went down the steps and was able to open Christmas gifts while his father watched him through a mobile phone. This was great. It was almost the same as his father being there with his young son.

Securus video visitation technology is an outstanding service for inmates because it allows them to keep in touch with their families, while they are serving time. That is an important part of keeping prisoners from returning back to jail.

The company Securus specializes in communications solutions and equipment for various members of the law enforcement community and the criminal justice system. They provide practical technologies that facilitate communication among various entities within these communities. They are especially committed to helping inmates and their families.

This is why many of Securus’s communication technologies are being used for this purpose. They truly want prisoners to be able to stay out of jail and more importantly, for children to know their dads and moms. Securus technologies got it right with their video visitation technology. You can find out more about Securus and the technologies they offer on their website

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Sanjay Shah’s Career and Philanthropy



Sanjay Shah Denmark was originally from Africa, Kenya specifically. However, he moved to London with his family. While there, he got his start in the financial sector working as an account. However, after he did this for a while, he decided that he wanted to go into business for himself. When he did, he started a very successful financial institution, called Solo Capital. This company served a variety of different types of clients. They have helped investors to use various strategies to grow their wealth. He truly started this company from scratch in the late 2000s, during one of the worst recessions. This company was very profitable for him, but the company is currently in the process of closing down.

In addition to successfully running Solo Capital, he has also been a very well known philanthropist. He has started a major philanthropic organization, called Autism Rocks. He set up this organization in response to a child of his suffering from the condition. Autism Rocks is an organization that is set up to help kids that suffer from the condition, by raising awareness. In addition to helping promote autism awareness, the organization also raises funds for research into the condition. The organization raises funds by having fundraising concerts. There have been many successful fundraising events held by this organization, and they have had well known music artists play at their events. Autism Rocks has also been quite successful. In fact, it has raised several hundred thousand Euros of funding for the purpose of autism awareness and research. Furthermore, the events hosted by the organization have greatly helped to raise awareness of the condition. Their events tend to be quite well attended.

There was an event to start Autism Awareness month that was conducted by Sanjay Shah’s organization. This event was held on April 1st, and it was quite successful. There were two very well known music artists at the event, FloRida and Tyga. In addition to having excellent music artists at the event, there also were other things to do at the event. For the kids, there was a bouncy house and other activities well suited for kids, such as laser tag, a petting zoo, face painting, a zip line, and crazy golf. The event was quite affordable, it attracted a sizable crowd. Many tickets were sold, which resulted in a lot of funds being raised for the organization.


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Dallas-Based Securus Technologies Is Offers New Concepts In Inmate Communication



Securus CEO Rick Smith had a lot to say about the inmate communications when he was interviewed about the alleged wrongdoings of Globe Tel Link, a service provider that handles calls to and from prisoners. Smith said on a PR Newswire post that Globe Tel Link was crossing the line of integrity if the company was padding the time inmate spent on phone calls. In Smith’s words that alleged practice is purely an act of greed. Smith also said Securus is dedicated to providing inmates with real-time communications, and the company is also an agent for exposing companies that use technology to fleece inmates, their friends, and loved ones. Smith said Securus will report its findings in a series of press releases.
Globe Tel Link is accused of advancing the time on prison calls by at least 15 seconds. But Smith also said GTL could be manipulating the clock by 36 seconds, so the calls are shorter. The friends and loved ones still pay for the time advertised by GTL. Smith calls that practice an updated version of the old bait and switch game that has been used by con artists for decades. And to make matters worse, Globe Tel Link is also adding fees to calls that have been completed and rated. But those allegations are just two in a series of allegations that include billing the same call twice, and artificially inflated rates for inmate calls. According to Louisiana PSC investigation, Globe Tel Link is costing Louisiana taxpayers more than $1, 243,000 a year.

Mr. Smith said Securus America uses a special prison telephone number that saves customers money when calls are made to and from a Securus facility. Securus offers unlimited calls, no hidden fees, and no extra charges. When inmates use the special Securus programmed telephone number everybody involved in the prison communication system saves money.

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