Neuroscientist Jorge Moll’s Plan For Success

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Neuroscientist Jorge Moll’s Plan For Success



Brazilian native and neurobiological specialist Jorge Moll has had many successes. As president and board member of two major medical facilities in Rio De Janeiro, this brilliant scientist has some unique viewpoints and advice on personal and business success. During a web interview, Moll shared his advice.


“I believe it is fundamental to have a free exchange of ideas and collaboration.”

In his role as an executive for research and treatment companies, Jorge Moll speaks to a bevy of professionals every day from all walks of life and all sorts of educational backgrounds. Jorge Moll credits this process of listening to a wide range of diverse viewpoints for keeping his ideas fresh and relevant. Indeed, because of the nature of his work this open-mindedness and willingness to listen have proven to be a life-saving skill for many patients.


“I have always had a dream and passion to cultivate world-class research, education, and healthcare in my home country.”

A strong sense of vision has been at the core of everything Jorge Moll has achieved in his community. His foundations work with local universities, hospitals, and physicians to ensure that Brazil can stay on the cutting edge of medical science. His vision is not just for quality healthcare for his fellow Brazilians, but universal and unfettered access for any sick person to a skilled and qualified physician.


“Usually, ideas are plentiful. The hardest part is choosing the best ones and dropping the others.”

In the midst of the flood of ideas that comes from a policy of open listening, Jorge Moll advises employing a filter to weed through the plans thrown his way. According to Moll, the best options to choose are those that lead to a concrete plan of action and allow open channels of collaboration. He also recommends moving on the ideas you choose or laying them aside.




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