Milan Kordestani – Top Equestrian and Founder of Milan Farms

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Milan Kordestani – Top Equestrian and Founder of Milan Farms



Milan Kordestani is a top equestrian rider, and he is also the founder of Milan Farms. As the founder of the company, he got the inspiration for the concept as a result of his horse riding experience from his childhood in London, England. At the age of 10, he was thrown off a horse, but he reacted by getting back up from the experience. He began working with racehorses, winning 3 different titles at horse shows.

Milan Kordestani is also the founder of Milan farms, a farm that produces poultry, saffron, and eggs. The aim of Milan Farms is to provide an honest option for food consumers whom are conscious about what they eat. The company aims to be transparent when they are working with animals, and seeks to provide a pure and honest option for their customers whom have a wide variety of needs.

Safron widely known as being one of the most expensive spices on the earth. The reason is that Saffron is such a difficult spice to grow in only the proper growing conditions such as rich environment and warm climate. Milan Farms takes an entirely different approach to growing Saffron, since he is able to replicate the nutrient-rich environment that saffron grows in.

Milan Farms is committed to their customers – they aim to provide the best products at the best prices possible. The reason for the company’s commitment to the consumer is that they are aiming to focus on being a small business that serves a wide range of people. This serves to be a honest option to a wide range of agricultural needs.

Milan Farms also recognizes the benefit that forests bring to us. As major players, the destruction of forests can cause a series of changes to the environment that is ultimately somewhat destructive. For every one dozen of eggs sold, Milan Farms is planting a tree to help prevent the destruction of the forests.


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