How Victoria Doramus Recovered From Her Addictions

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How Victoria Doramus Recovered From Her Addictions



For the first several years of her career, Victoria Doramus worked mostly as a market trend analyst. She performed in this role for Creative Arts Agency, Trendera, Mindshare, and Stila Cosmetics. She would attend seasonal trade shows, work with art directors on advertising campaigns, and write about trends in various industries such as fashion.

While it sounds like a pretty glamorous lifestyle to lead it was anything but for Victoria Doramus. During this time she was addicted to alcohol and drugs, with cocaine and Adderall being her main addictions. She says that she eventually completely lost control of her life and, like most addicts, it was only when she had hit rock bottom that she sought out the help she needed. She spent several months at Burning Tree, a hardcore recovery center, and then time in a halfway house. While at the halfway house Victoria Doramus was required to work at least 30 hours a week, work with a sponsor, and attend recovery meetings. After four months in the halfway house, she was able to move to New York City where she has lived ever since.

Victoria Doramus continues to attend AA meetings. She also actively helps others who are addicts. She is planning on opening a halfway house in New York herself. This will be a place that follows the principles of AA’s twelve steps but won’t officially be a part of that organization. She is working on the business model for this house and is seeking out those who will provide the funds to get it going.

She also volunteers her time. According to IMDB, Victoria Doramus extensively volunteers for the Amy Winehouse Foundation where she supports their effort to educate young people about addiction. She also volunteers for the Women’s Prison Foundation. She says that she does this because she wants women in prison to know that their lives are not over.

The Best Friends Animal Society is another nonprofit that Victoria Doramus volunteers for. This organization tries to find homes for pets that would otherwise be killed at an animal shelter. She also supports Room to Read which teaches low-income children how to read.

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