Graeme Holm is Helping Austrailian Families Get Financially Fit

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Graeme Holm is Helping Austrailian Families Get Financially Fit



Graeme Holm is one of the Top 100 Brokers according to MPA’s rating and is the director of Infinity Group Australia, an NSW brokerage. The approach of the company is to help its clients to access their budgets in order to delegate the weekly income for such things as groceries, travel, fuel, entertainment, and other expenses.


After the loan is given the go-ahead, Infinity helps its clients to pay off their loan with the assistance of a personal banker that the firm provides. They have assisted many of their clients to pay off their debt, and they even helped one specific family to pay off $96,271 on their loan within just one year.


Infinity also provides an extensive and thorough monthly performance report to each of their clients that help them to understand their budget and whether or not they need to make any adjustments. They also provide their clients with detailed reviews. There has yet to be a client that they cannot help and they are helping their consumers to control their spending and to live within their means.


Infinity charges a fee of 10% of the annual debt reduction and clients pay more off their home loan in the initial three months with infinity. Banks do not typically like their clients to pay off their debt as quickly since they tend to lose money.


Infinity has created an open and fee-for-service type of model that is straightforward and that their clients can understand. Infinity was nominated for Optus Business Awards in 2017 because of their stellar customer service, and they consider their clients to be family members.


Graeme Holm has 17 years in the financial services field, and he also has extensive experience in real estate, finance, and financial planning. He was inspired to found Infinity after realizing that many families in Australia have been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to their dealings with financial institutions.


When working in the loan market Graeme Holm fond that most of the clients are living hand to mouth and could only make the minimum loan payments. He wanted to create a company that would not only help his clients through their finances, but that would be able to help them to get through their loan journey with a better understanding of how to beat debt. Infinity offers financial trainers that help their clients to keep budgets, track expenses and to decide whether purchases can be justified or not. Having a financial coach ensure the financial success of their clients and reduces their loan amounts substantially. That is what Infinity is all about helping their clients to reach their financial goals rather than making a company rich. Learn more:

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