GoBuyside Securing Top Talent

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GoBuyside Securing Top Talent



GoBuyside is a recruitment platform that specializes in helping corporations hire top notch investment talent. The firm uses innovative methods to help identify specific matches for equity firms, hedge funds, investment companies and other Fortune 500 corporations.

GoBuyside also utilizes groundbreaking technology to help match clients with these prospective employers. The company also provides screening and sourcing to match other relevant candidates. GoBuyside helps locate clients for 10,000 firms worldwide. The growing company has helped place employees in over 500 cities across the globe.

GoBuyside is based out of New York. The company has experienced exponential growth in less than a decade. GoBuyside is now the largest recruiting marketplace for investment talent in the United States.

Arjun Kapur is the founder of GoBuyside. The John Hopkins University graduate boasts extensive talent placing experience across the world. Kapur also carries a Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Kapur realized the lack of rich talent in the equity and hedge fund industry while working in the finance world. He hoped to create a marketplace that would benefit corporations and employees mutually. GoBuyside was that vision. It was created by Kapur in 2011 with these ideas in mind. Investment firms immediately realized the potential of finding better qualified applicants.

GoBuyside is active on social media with Twitter and Facebook accounts. The firm also has a LinkedIn account for prospective employees or interested investment companies to follow.

The ultimate goal for Kapur was to disrupt the traditional search model and to find employees through other means. GoBuyside has become enormously successful utilizing their own unique platform. They use nuanced search parameters based on the individual needs of their specific clients to identify prospective employees.

GoBuyside is often quoted in news articles concerning the status of the investment industry. It has industry experts who study the investment industry in depth on a daily basis. It allows the company to serve as a source when any investment news hits the market. GoBuyside has a promising future based on the short term growth it has experienced so far.

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