George Soros Prepares Nearly Limitless Options for Those Less Fortunate

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George Soros Prepares Nearly Limitless Options for Those Less Fortunate



What happens when a billionaire’s capital meets the will to improve the world?

A simple way to answer this question would be – George Soros. In reality, this individual is the epitome of a mix of wealth and willingness to do whatever it takes to help people around the world. Up to this point, he has given up approximately $14 billion of his fortune to help his charity organization “Open Society”. Since its establishment, the main goal was to aid people who have been affected by natural disasters, inequalities, or any other social norms that put them in a place without prosperity.

What happens when mainstream media gets a hold of George Soros?

Usually, not many good things come out of such a combination. Over his career, Soros has been labeled as the man who broke the bank of Britain. This came after Britain’s currency was shortened by Soros and many other investors who weakened it to a point of delisting from European Currency Exchange.

More controversially, Soros has been connected to a lot of modern-day, United States-based events that portray him as the person in charge of the trending protests. For example, when a notable football player Kaepernick started the protests against the national anthem, there was a lot of individuals who placed Soros in the back of the picture. The main reason that there are large groups who would believe such a thing is the fact that Soros supported the Democratic establishment throughout the election of 2016.

After Democrats lost to their Republican opponents, a lot of GOP members started pin-pointing to this successful investor as the main reason why the country is not running properly. Consequently, the mainstream media has held him accountable for things like conspiracy and trying to sabotage officials in high positions so that he can have his personal agenda. Nevertheless, there is no tangible proof about any of those allegations.

The New Endeavors
Even though Soros could have an entire full-time job having to deal with critics of his imagined efforts, he dedicates his time to causes worthy of it. For example, the new donation comes as a form of help for millions of people around the world and Soros has left enough money to make it last long after he is gone. This somewhat makes the entire donation appear as if it is a will where the majority of his net worth stays behind to be given to a lot of individuals across the world.

Regardless of such a noble gesture, there are many people who are looking for ideas that would contradict such an act of kindness. Some individuals claim that Soros will not dare actually donate so much money until maybe even later in his life. The past proves this saying otherwise, however, as Soros has indeed donated a lot of money to charities of his choice and went as far as to create an organization of his own. This is why it is to be expected to see great things fro his latest contribution.

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