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Charlamagne Tha God Biography




Charlemagne Tha God is the co-host of a nationally syndicated hip-hop iHeart Radio station, commonly known as ‘The Breakfast Club’, moreover; he is a television personality at Viacom. Charlemagne Tha God is a social media professional influencer; and still, an executive producer in his own production firm, Charlemagne Tha God World was the previous co-host of the well-known podcast Brilliant Idiots.


At the beginning of November 15, 2011, Charlemagne served as a cast member of the Guy Code show, the Guy Code show is a comedy show on the MTV2 station, generally, the show talks of a unique code of conduct that is used only by men. The show was finished in March in the year 2015. Charlemagne Tha God formerly was featured on the MTV2 show Charlemagne and Friends with his close associate and TV2 personality Andrew Schulz.


In the end year of 2013 and 2014, Charlemagne Tha God co-hosted MTV New Year’s live program from the Times Square, and in the year 2015, he was an associate to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards show. Charlemagne Tha God is presently a host and additionally, the stars on the MTV2 program Uncommon Sense with Charlemagne Tha God. Charlemagne Tha God presently reports the BET Shows, Inside the Label.


He was Born and raised in a little town in the middle South Carolina, Charlemagne Tha God got his fame and he quickly climbed the ladder and became one of the best and loved media personality. His opinions and celebrity interviews aided to direct and host the daily national conversation about matters associated with society, politics race and hip-hop.


Nevertheless, in the year 2017, his books Black Privilege and Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It was published by Schuster and Simon and imprinted by Touchstone. Steven Kurutz of The New York Times stated the books as ‘the most direct positive reviewed book.’ He, then, explained that the Black Privilege as “the street self-aid guide” with good advice given in eight different principles. The book additionally rated sixth on May 7, the year 2017. It is in the New York Times list as the best-selling book. Read This Article for additional information.


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