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Securus Technologies Stopping Criminals from Using Drones to Supply Contraband With Drone Detection Technology



The increasing use of drones by the criminals to carry the contraband items inside the prison has been worrying the correctional agencies. They have tried many different ways to stop the new supply routes started by the use of drones, but have failed miserably. The drones are being used by the criminals because it is fast and safe, and in most cases, it is hard to catch who is controlling it from far away.


Even if the law enforcement officers catch the drone, the criminals who are controlling it will get away without getting arrested or charged. It is the safest way to transport contraband inside the prison. Securus Technologies understood that it is a threat to the safety of the inmates and the officers as well as the peace in the community as well as in prison. It is for this reason; the company has been trying for some months now to develop a technology that would put an end to the misuse of drones to supply contraband, once and for all. The drone detection technology is still being tested and improved, but so far the test results have been impeccable and just as expected. Soon, Securus Technologies hope to install the drone detection technology to all the prison facilities it serves, so that the criminals don’t make the correctional authorities feel helpless by the use of drones.


Once the drone detection technology is installed, the criminals can be sure that their hope of supplying contraband using drones would end forever. The drone detection technology would easily detect the drones, and it would be neutralized immediately by the corrections officers. There would be a unique strategy that would be developed to contain the drones once the drone detection technology is installed. The flow of contraband goods is expected to reduce drastically with the installation of drone detection technology by Securus Technologies.



Illegal Cell Phone Use in Prisons Just Became More Difficult



It’s no mystery to prison officials that illegal contraband is a constant problem throughout the U.S. prison system. Illegal cell phones pose a risk not only within prisons, but to innocent people outside of prisons. Imprisoned gang members make strides to direct illegal activities on the outside using this contraband. However, we can now feel safer with the advent of new technology that makes illegal cell phones virtually useless.


Securus Technologies, a Dallas, Texas-based supplier of prison monitoring and other services and technologies, is deploying the Wireless Containment Solution (WCS) in many prisons throughout the country. This potentially life-saving system effectively screens out calls made by illegal cell phones and blocks their transmission. In a recent analysis performed over one year, it was learned that WCS successfully blocked over 1.7 million illegal calls from just eight prisons. When this type of technology is deployed in all prisons, the potential for more crime prevention will be enormous. As a result, we will all be even safer.


However, it wasn’t until recently that this technology was even legal. Industry experts and advocates passionately testified to the Federal Communications Commission about the dangers of contraband cell phone use in prisons. Robert Johnson, a former corrections officer and now a consultant to Securus, shared his unique experience about nearly being killed when a prison gang put a hit on him after he intercepted $50,000 worth of their contraband. Using an illegal cell phone, they contracted with an ex-convict who nearly took his life. However, Robert survived, recovered, and went on to the national level to influence the FCC to relax regulations that prohibited technologies such as WCS. Prisons can now use this technology, provided that they selectively block illegal phone signals.


Securus Technologies continues to develop and refine the technology behind WCS, with over $40 million invested (and counting). Securus claims that this technology is the most effective in preventing illegal cell phone transmissions. However, the amount of crime that has been prevented (and will be) is immeasurable. Lives are being saved and less affected by the efforts of powerful criminal elements from within prisons.


Securus Technologies Communication Products



Securus Technologies is going through a lot of changes right now. The company has grown rapidly over the years, and many people are excited about the future. The company concentrates on providing communications technology to prisons across the country. This is a great industry to concentrate on because there is little competition for the biggest customers.


Securus Technologies spends time and money every year innovating new products. Many prisons have old equipment that is no longer usable. This is the perfect opportunity for the company to increase market share.





Securus Technologies was started several years ago. During the time it has been in business, the company has grown rapidly. Many people are excited about the growth so far. Securus Technologies always concentrates on providing value to clients in any way possible.


Customer service is key to Securus Technologies. Many prisons do not have adequate equipment, and they have to ask for help once it is installed. This is one of the reasons that Securus Technologies does so well with customers. The company has a track record of providing quality customer service and support after a sale is made. This is in stark contrast to many companies in the industry.

The Wide Ranging Positive Impact of Securus Technologies Video Visitation



Securus Technologies is a leading criminal justice technological solution company. The company, based in Dallas, offers a range of technologies in criminal justice areas that include offender monitoring, corrections, investigations, and public safety.


One of the important Securus Technologies corrections technological solutions is Video Visitation. Through the Video Visitation system, incarcerated people are able to engage in important, consistent contact with their loved ones. They are able to have meaningful visitation without having to be present in-person at a correctional facility.


There are a variety of benefits associated with Securus Technologies Video Visitation. One of them is the fact that Video Visitation is a significantly more cost-effective way of allowing inmates and loved ones recurring visits.


Traditional, in-person visitation costs about $100 per occasion. Securus Technologies Video Visitation costs only $2.72 per session.


Video Visitation also enhances the security of correctional institutions. One of the more significant threats to institutional security is in-person visitation. Not only are correctional officers at a higher risk when having to be in a situation that combines inmates with loved ones, there are other issues as well. For example, in-person visitation is the primary avenue through which dangerous contraband enters a correctional institution.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation also enhances community safety. Research demonstrates that an inmate that is able to maintain ongoing connections with loved one has an easier time an reentry into the community when his or her sentence ends. An inmate that has consistent connection with loved ones, including via visitation, is statistically less likely to reoffend. Thus, Securus Technologies Video Visitation is thought to contribute significantly to reducing offender recidivism in this day and age. This works to keep the community and general public safer.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation is being used at 178 correctional agencies in the United States. About 2 million individual visits will occur during the present year.


Rewarding the Best of the Best in Securus Technologies



At Securus Technologies, every action taken is very precise and meaningful. In this article, it is shown that Securus just announced that eleven of their field specialists have been awarded internationally recognized certification for just those reasons. Typically, the specialists for Securus are averaged tenure at 15 years, and do nationwide installations. Supporting the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) stand Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI). BICSI members specialize in managing all aspects of ICT’s multiple programs. BICSI currently serves more than 23,000 ICT professionals across 100 different countries.


Because BICSI has met training needs and kept up with the ever expanding technology needs, it’s no wonder that Danny de Hoyos, Senior Vice President of Operations for Securus, said that, “This certification brings another layer of expertise to our customers.” Just one of the many things that Securus can offer and promise to their customers.


Of course, you may just be wondering what makes Securus such an award-winning brand. Your answer lies here. A brief summary of Securus Technologies is that it is a prison technology industry leader. Many features such as Video Connecting, special calling plans, and monitoring systems in place, Securus makes it simple for inmates to live a comfortable life, knowing exactly how loved ones are doing. Even more simply put, Securus is securing a more technologically adept future for prisons. Get the latest news on Linkedin about Securus.


Securus Inmate Technology is Helping Inmates and Families During the Christmas Season



Christmas time is a special moment in the lives of many people. Especially, for children who really look forward to this holiday every year. Young children enjoy the Christmas season with their parents. As a matter of fact, if a parent was incarcerated during this time of the year it would be tough. However, this does not have to be their reality.

I have discovered that a technology company called Securus provides video visitation equipment for inmates. This technology is truly a blessing for inmates. Why? Because it allows them to communicate w their families through the use of video technology.

I watched a promotional video about an inmate visiting with their child during Christmas time and discovered how video visitation equipment keeps families united.
During the video, a child who was talking to his incarcerated father.

The child went down the steps and was able to open Christmas gifts while his father watched him through a mobile phone. This was great. It was almost the same as his father being there with his young son.

Securus video visitation technology is an outstanding service for inmates because it allows them to keep in touch with their families, while they are serving time. That is an important part of keeping prisoners from returning back to jail.

The company Securus specializes in communications solutions and equipment for various members of the law enforcement community and the criminal justice system. They provide practical technologies that facilitate communication among various entities within these communities. They are especially committed to helping inmates and their families.

This is why many of Securus’s communication technologies are being used for this purpose. They truly want prisoners to be able to stay out of jail and more importantly, for children to know their dads and moms. Securus technologies got it right with their video visitation technology. You can find out more about Securus and the technologies they offer on their website

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

I Use Securus To Check On My Son



My son is in a rehab program that is going on in a jail that is across town. The only way for me to get over there and not be in traffic would be to miss work. I cannot afford to miss work, but I can call over to the prison using the Securus app on my phone. I was so thankful the first time I read on PR Newswire about Securus, and I immediately asked the jail what I had to do.
They helped me get set up with Securus, and now I can schedule video calls to my son that I do on my phone. This means I can check on him to make sure he is on track to get out on time, and it also means that he knows that I am thinking of him. I would feel terrible is I was not able to get over to the prison, but now I can make the video call without doing that terrible drive.

My sister has the same problem with one of our distant cousins, and she is finally able to check on him using Securus. I downloaded the app from a Youtube video link in a couple seconds, and then I was able to sign up so that I could get the secure connection I needed to talk to my son. I believe that all family members should be able to visit loved ones in jail, but I know a lot of us cannot get there. My sister can talk to our cousin who is in jail in North Carolina, and I can talk to my son who is across a traffic filled city. We all get to stay in touch, and we do not have to worry about missing visitation every again. This does our hearts good to check on our boys.

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