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Graeme Holm is Helping Austrailian Families Get Financially Fit



Graeme Holm is one of the Top 100 Brokers according to MPA’s rating and is the director of Infinity Group Australia, an NSW brokerage. The approach of the company is to help its clients to access their budgets in order to delegate the weekly income for such things as groceries, travel, fuel, entertainment, and other expenses.


After the loan is given the go-ahead, Infinity helps its clients to pay off their loan with the assistance of a personal banker that the firm provides. They have assisted many of their clients to pay off their debt, and they even helped one specific family to pay off $96,271 on their loan within just one year.


Infinity also provides an extensive and thorough monthly performance report to each of their clients that help them to understand their budget and whether or not they need to make any adjustments. They also provide their clients with detailed reviews. There has yet to be a client that they cannot help and they are helping their consumers to control their spending and to live within their means.


Infinity charges a fee of 10% of the annual debt reduction and clients pay more off their home loan in the initial three months with infinity. Banks do not typically like their clients to pay off their debt as quickly since they tend to lose money.


Infinity has created an open and fee-for-service type of model that is straightforward and that their clients can understand. Infinity was nominated for Optus Business Awards in 2017 because of their stellar customer service, and they consider their clients to be family members.


Graeme Holm has 17 years in the financial services field, and he also has extensive experience in real estate, finance, and financial planning. He was inspired to found Infinity after realizing that many families in Australia have been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to their dealings with financial institutions.


When working in the loan market Graeme Holm fond that most of the clients are living hand to mouth and could only make the minimum loan payments. He wanted to create a company that would not only help his clients through their finances, but that would be able to help them to get through their loan journey with a better understanding of how to beat debt. Infinity offers financial trainers that help their clients to keep budgets, track expenses and to decide whether purchases can be justified or not. Having a financial coach ensure the financial success of their clients and reduces their loan amounts substantially. That is what Infinity is all about helping their clients to reach their financial goals rather than making a company rich. Learn more:

GoBuyside Securing Top Talent



GoBuyside is a recruitment platform that specializes in helping corporations hire top notch investment talent. The firm uses innovative methods to help identify specific matches for equity firms, hedge funds, investment companies and other Fortune 500 corporations.

GoBuyside also utilizes groundbreaking technology to help match clients with these prospective employers. The company also provides screening and sourcing to match other relevant candidates. GoBuyside helps locate clients for 10,000 firms worldwide. The growing company has helped place employees in over 500 cities across the globe.

GoBuyside is based out of New York. The company has experienced exponential growth in less than a decade. GoBuyside is now the largest recruiting marketplace for investment talent in the United States.

Arjun Kapur is the founder of GoBuyside. The John Hopkins University graduate boasts extensive talent placing experience across the world. Kapur also carries a Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Kapur realized the lack of rich talent in the equity and hedge fund industry while working in the finance world. He hoped to create a marketplace that would benefit corporations and employees mutually. GoBuyside was that vision. It was created by Kapur in 2011 with these ideas in mind. Investment firms immediately realized the potential of finding better qualified applicants.

GoBuyside is active on social media with Twitter and Facebook accounts. The firm also has a LinkedIn account for prospective employees or interested investment companies to follow.

The ultimate goal for Kapur was to disrupt the traditional search model and to find employees through other means. GoBuyside has become enormously successful utilizing their own unique platform. They use nuanced search parameters based on the individual needs of their specific clients to identify prospective employees.

GoBuyside is often quoted in news articles concerning the status of the investment industry. It has industry experts who study the investment industry in depth on a daily basis. It allows the company to serve as a source when any investment news hits the market. GoBuyside has a promising future based on the short term growth it has experienced so far.

The resilience of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho as a Lawyer in Brazil.



When the name Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is mentioned in the Brazilian legal circles a sense of deep appreciation and respect hangs in the air this is due to his tenacity and resilience which have led to him becoming one of the leading figures in Brazilian law and constitution.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho became a managing partner at Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados back in the year 1991 this was after years of toil and sweat in the back office in various other law firms representing numerous clients both in court and negotiating settlements out of court.By the time he became a partner his fingerprints could be traced in some of the landmark settlements and rulings in the countries judicial institutions.This capacity to get things done is what led to his meteoric rise in the legal ladder. Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados is a top tier legal firm, and this comes with a lot of responsibility placed on its shoulders this is seen by the level of clients it represents and its large footprint within the country. It has been able to grow from its San Paulo headquarters to other major towns such as Brasil and Rio.This was necessitated by the clientele that was spread all over the country and who need their needs at their point of operation.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho ensured that his firm had all the adequate departments to serve the clients efficiently some of the most prominent areas it covers are mergers and acquisitions, international law, consumer law, labor law, economic and competitive law, electoral and partisan, public law, tax law and dusões. It is also a big business advisor for its clients especially when it comes to emerging issues within the Federation of Brazil.The biggest issues at the moment for Richado is environmental laws this are being addressed by highly trained associates and partners within the firm.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho also runs a trust that is called Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation it is the vehicle that he uses to drive his humanitarian courses as well as offering free legal services to those in most need.Overall his contribution to society will remain felt for a long time.

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Attorney Dan Newlin Breaks Records As He Helps Community Members



Personal injury attorney Dan Newlin has recently been in the news for his role in the $100 million award of damages for the teenage victim of a shooting. However, Newlin has been in the business of helping people for more than 20 years and has used the status he has attained as one of the most successful personal injury attorneys in Florida to aid the community in any way possible. Despite becoming a household name with the case of Danielle Sampson reaching its record breaking conclusion, Newlin has been focused on the needs of the people of Orlando throughout his time as an attorney in the Florida city.

Dan Newlin worked with the family of Daniella Sampson to make sure the best possible outcome was found after she was left paralyzed and comatose following a shooting incident in 2012. 15 year old Danielle was traveling in the back of a minivan when she was hit with a stray bullet fired during a home invasion, the bullet remains lodged in Danielle’s brain and has left her able to communicate through blinking. Two years later Dan Newlin was able to persuade a court in Orange County that Danielle’s family deserved the $100 million damages award to ensure her medical bills were paid and she would be cared for throughout her life. Dan Newlin is a well known personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

This is the latest case that Dan Newlin has led in his fight to achieve justice for all those who have been victims of negligence or accidents they were not to blame for. Newlin has also spent his career working to give something back to the community he has been working with since leaving a career as a firefighter and focusing on the legal field as his future. For Dan Newlin the need to give something back to the people of Orlando and now to his hometown of Chicago is the driving force of his career, which has seen him establish the Dan Newlin Miracle Project that aids those in need in the local community.

Who is Adam Sender?



Adam Sender is the 46 year old founder of Exis Capital Management. He accumulated a small fortune in the hedge fund business which enabled him to pursue his dreams at a young age. In the early 1990’s he began investing his money in art and for the next 20 years grew the leading collection of contemporary art. Prices for these artists rose in the market in the 2000s and by 2007, Sender had recouped most of the $25 million he spent over those 20 years in the sale of only 40 pieces. He clearly became very brilliant, not only at knowing what to buy, but when to sell his art pieces.

Adam had the help of an art advisor, Todd Levin and several Chelsea dealers. However, Adam has an uncanny ability and intelligence of his own that has enabled him to make smart choices over and over again, each piece acquired progressing fluidly from one work to the next. It is a grand and impressive personal vision of 400 pieces by 139 artists. Says Sender,” I’m not a chaser. I’m a pursuer of great works by artists who have had long careers.”

He began making some changes when he divorced in 2014. He then sold Exis and began plans to sell off 400 works from an 800 piece collection over an 18 month period starting in May 2014. Sotheby’s prepared them for auction and estimated a value of $70-$80 million for such artists as John Baldessari, Urs Fischer, Dan Flavin, Martin Kippenberger, Mike Kelley, Barbara Kruger, Richard Prince, Raymond Pettibon, Elizabeth Peyton, Charles Ray, Ed Ruscha, Cindy Sherman and Rosemarie Trockel. Adam is quoted as saying.” I find myself embracing a Buddhist philosophy….All things must pass.” These auctions are still active and estimates remain hovering at the amount initially projected. Check out Adam Sender’s Facebook profile.

As of 2014 he made new purchases of the works of Frank Benson and Diana Al-Hadid. No doubt, he continues to move forward in his role of financial expert and genius art connoisseur. What will be added to this repertoire next?

The Most Famous Authors in Brazil



Brazil is filled with famous individuals of the literary world. Brazil’s literary history is vibrant and exciting. The country’s multicultural makeup provides for amazing stories that are told by some of the land’s favorite writers. There are many authors from Brazil that made the transition from budding writer to famous literary giant. Individuals such as, Machado de Assis, Eclides da Cunha and Jorge Amada are regarded as some of the top authors of Brazil. Many of these authors became famous by creating stories that truly had meanings and being true to themselves. Their passion for writing allowed them to share their experiences with the readers and the world.

Jamie Garcia Dias is Brazilian author, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Dias’ literary journey started when he was young, at only 15 years old. He learned the majority about writing and creativity from his father, author Arnaldo Dias and his mother, architect Garcia Dulce Dias. His father was his mentor. He would peer through the countless books that his father purchased and learned from that. In his 20’s, Jamie Garcia Dias began teaching at an academy in Brazil to students who intended to study literature upon graduation. At the tender age of 30, Jamie Garcia Dias already had 10 published books under his belt. In 2001, Jamie won the prestigious literary award, The White Crane. The White Crane is an award known for exposing new talented writers to the Brazilian community. Upon winning the award, Jamie Garcia Dias was able to published his most major work throughout South America. In 2007, Dias was named the president of the Carioca Literature Academy, the institution that he was teaching for many years.

Many famous authors in Brazil are a collection of seasoned and new individuals. The new authors take inspiration from their predecessors and create works that speak to the people of Brazil. Authors in the South American country use their own experiences in their published works, blending tales of joy, love and despair on every page. Writing takes a certain love and a certain pain and authors become famous because they are not afraid to address it. These attributes are within some of the most famous authors in Brazil.

What Your Food Cravings Really Mean



A smart and innovative educator and businessman, Kevin Seawright showed me this.

Everyone has a craving for a specific food now and again. It’s one reason chocolate industry has thrived all these years, women crave chocolate. That monthly craving for chocolate is the body’s way of telling you it needs something, as are these other food cravings.
* Chocolate is rich in magnesium, a mineral vital for skin and hair health. The monthly menstrual cycle reduces the amount of magnesium in the body, that’s why the craving for chocolate arises. Carbonated beverages, alcohol and tea also deplete the body’s magnesium supply and cause chocolate cravings.
* A craving for ice may indicate you have an iron deficiency or are anemic. Both conditions cause inflammation and pain in the mouth, sucking on or eating ice relieves the pain.
* A chromium deficiency may cause you to crave sweets. Chromium works with insulin in the blood stream to help with the uptake of glucose. Sweets are rich in chromium and a change in blood sugar, which means a change in the chromium levels, causes a craving for something sweet.
* If you crave carbs your body is telling you it’s low in trytophan, an amino acids which helps to regulate mood by causing the brain to release serotonin.
* If your body is low in calcium it may signal you of the fact by causing you to have a craving for cheese.

Scientific Proof Refuting Cancer Causing Agents



A new study revealed by “The World Health Organization”, humorously titles their finding “Most types of cancer not due to ‘bad luck’. Not attempting to insult those impacted by this ravenous disease, but with intentions of disproving the statements of another scientific study, and the claims they make (link for other study found at

Refuting the claims made that “environmental and lifestyle factors account for less than one third of cancers), they continue to analyze the various sources of cancer stimulants. They present a sophisticated, and thorough study of the cells, and claim The latter category includes some of the most frequent cancers worldwide, for example those of the stomach, cervix, and breast, each known to be associated with infections or lifestyle and environmental factors.”

Bruce Karatz points out that, similar to the ADHD article made among the lesser known medical community, the overpowering authority trumps once more. This scientific analysis serves to prove the multitude of scientists that make these absurd claims.