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CTCA/ NFL Prostate Screening: *About Cancer Treatment Centers of America/ Prostate Cancer:



CTCA NFL Prostate Screenings are critically important for the early detection as well as treatment of Prostate Cancer. Therefore, it is essential that you see a Physician that will give you a Prostate Screening test. A valuable test of this nature can certainly save many lives.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America provide diagnosis as well as treatment alternatives for a variety of Cancers. Prostate Cancer is one of the more common Cancer’s that Cancer Treatment Centers is qualified to treat. cancer Treatment Centers have locations in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Phoenix, Chicago and Tulsa Oklahoma.

CTC has a team of skilled Physicians, Registered Nurses and trained therapists that are there to help patients through their difficult Cancer journey from start to finish. In addition to superior medical treatment and care, the staff will provide emotional support which is so very important for people diagnosed with Cancer. Many times Cancer can seriously hurt one’s spirit and attitude.

CTC is qualified to treat many Cancers such as Prostate, Colon, Lung, Ovarian, Liver and much more. Each patient is evaluated on the basis of Cancer type and overall health status at the time of diagnosis. Therefore, a treatment plan will be tailored to meet the specific need of the patient. For example, a patient diagnosed with Prostate Cancer may be given an option of surgery, Chemo-therapy, radiation or an option of combination therapy.

*TAPUR studies/ Viewing the CTC web site:

CTC uses information based on studies involving TAPUR. TAPUR studies enable Physicians to pick the best possible anti-cancer drugs as treatment options for the patient. In addition, CTC now uses newer Cancer drugs that specifically target Cancer or diseased cells and leave healthy cells untouched. Also, Immunotherapy is now being used in treating some Cancer patients. Immunotherapy may not work for certain Cancers however, some random results involving Immunotherapy appear promising.

Prostate screening can be done at one of the CTC facilities. In addition, if any abnormalities exist once the results are evaluated, the Physician will schedule a one on one meeting with the patient to discuss options. The CTC web site can viewed at www.cancercenter,com.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America can be contacted 24/7. The center accepts most insurance plans. You may contact CTC at anytime to speak with a live representative.

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