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Matt Badiali And The Sources Of The Lucrative Freedom Checks



Matt Badiali is a geologist with over 20 years experience researching natural resources. In addition to his work at the University of North Carolina and Duke University teaching geology, Badiali has traveled extensively to places like the Yukon, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Hong Kong, the Mexican desert and Singapore to visit sites where natural resources are being mined to gain insight and expertise to make accurate recommendations to readers of his investment advisory newsletter Real Wealth Strategist published by Banyan Hill. His stock picks have consistently made significant gains. Read this article at Money Morning.

Through his background in science and his comprehensive research which includes a ‘boots on the ground’ approach to gathering information from workers and industry executives and seeing the operations himself, Matt Badiali has become something of an expert on the agriculture, energy and mining industries. In monitoring the oil industry and America’s push towards energy independence, Badiali became aware of a unique investment vehicle called ‘Freedom Checks’ that pay excellent monthly and quarterly dividends.

These ‘Freedom Checks’ are garnered through investing in companies working in the United States that mine, process, store and transport oil, gas and other natural resources used to meet the energy needs of Americans. With the dramatic decrease in oil imports from the Middle East and the fracking boom that has increased America’s domestic oil and gas production, U.S. companies are generating huge profits and are poised to deliver freedom checks that total about $34.6 billion within the next 12 months. And those profits are expected to keep rolling in for several years. Visit to know more.

By investing in the companies handling America’s increased natural resources production, people have the opportunity to get freedom check representing a much as a 39,832% gain. The freedom checks are being issued by 568 companies called Master Limited Partnerships. They are involved in oil and gas exploration and refining from large American oil and gas fields in places like the Marcellus Shale, Bakken Shale and the Permian Basin. Master Limited Partnership are required to give investors 90% of the income they generate in monthly or quarterly payments. Those dividend-like payments are what Matt Badiali calls freedom checks.

These payments are tax-free because they’re considered return of investors‘ capital, not income. Should a person sell their MLP investment, their profits are subject to the lower capital gains tax rate, not the personal income rate, which is significantly higher. Freedom checks are a windfall for investors.


Malcolm CasSelle and his Path to WAX Leadership



Malcolm CasSelle is known for his role as Chief Information Officer of the global corporation OPSkins that is leading the sales market of in-game virtual assets. The company is also the top merchant of bitcoin in the world.


One of latest directions of OPSkins is to ignite the industry of cryptocurrency through their new project called WAX. It is a platform that will bring a lot of change to the virtual assets trading market. Over the years, there has been a strong fragmentation between players on the market. The WAX platform aims to bridge that gap through a blockchain modeled after eSports. It will allow buyers and sellers to come together and tokenize their assets and sell them in a setting that is proofed against fraud and establishes a frictionless and smooth operating market.


WAX will be headed by CIO Malcolm CasSelle who is going to be serving as the President of the platform. Malcolm CasSelle firmly believes that WAX has the power to change the gaming industry and the way virtual assets are traded among players. Brining cryptocurrency into the gaming asset market might seem daunting to some, but in reality, it is not far off from what gamers are able to do in trading skins already. WAX is going to make it more structured and make sure that gamers have a safe space to do that trading.


CIO and President Malcolm CasSelle has a degree from the Stanford University in Computer Science. He is also a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2016, Malcolm CasSellestarted operating as the President and CTO of the Tribune Publishing where he is responsible for the investment strategy and the digital P & L of the corporation.


Previously, Malcolm CasSellewas, a mentor at Plug and Pay Bitcoin and Advisor at the company of Sensey. Other advisory positions Malcolm CasSelle has had at companies such as Directech Labs, Votocast, Timeline Labs, Bringhub, Pretty Quick, as well as several other businesses.


Malcolm CasSelle has also worked at highly established corporations such as Groupon. In 1998, he established the PCCW where he worked until 2002, as Senior VP.

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Jordan Lindsey’s Insights on Being Right



Jordan Lindsey has said something interesting in an interview recently. He has stated that one only has to be right once if he is an entrepreneur. This actually makes a lot of sense. After all, in different industries and markets, all it takes is one good decision in order to get a breakthrough. That good decision could be something as simple as choosing the right marketing platform. For instance, someone that wants to market a business through social media only has to choose the right primary platform and move on from there. At the same time, making the right choice involves a lot of research.


Jordan Lindsey understands that failure is actually one-stepping stone that can lead to success. He encourages people to step out of their comfort zone so that they can grow. There is a huge risk factor to being outside of the comfort zone. For one thing, people are going to be stepping out of convention in many different ways. Sometimes, they are going to run into opposition when they do it. However, the one who sticks to what he is doing is going to find success in some kind of way. It could be knowing where exactly his pursuit leads him. Even if it fails him ultimately, it will give him a peace knowing that he has tried it.


Jordan Lindsey, founder of JCL Capital, is not only at peace with failure but is also looking to it as a way to learn and grow. After all, it is said that experts are experts because they have tried many different ways that don’t work. For entrepreneurs, it is important to go through the trial and error stage so that they will figure out what works for them and the methods they may want to leave behind for their next attempt. Read This Article for more information.


Founder of JCL Capital Jordan Lindsey announced the successful crowd sale launch of his own cryptocurrency, the Nucleus Token in the 2nd half of 2017. Today, Jordan Lindsey offers his Bitcoin Growth Bot to the trading community.


Apart from the professional skills, Lindsey learnt how to be a leader and run the team in efficient manner and most importantly learning that the team requires two things for its functioning, first is the trust and friction being the other.


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