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Chainsmokers or Plaintokers?



As the social waves generated from Millennials and Generation Z seem to affect real-time global structure and economy, we see its influence span across almost all medias. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, better known as their duo stage persona: The Chainsmokers- is no stranger to the Top-pop and DJ mag charts. Their singles “Closer” and “Don’t Let Me Down feat. Daya” have peaked at #1 and #3 respectively in Top 100 Charts. Their latest single release “Sick Boy”, has resonated popularly among teens and younger adults.

These dark themes played within the song seem familiar to punk rock bands who were popular with Millennials in the early to mid 2000’s. Has The Chainsmokers been able to incorporate a number of popular themes such as EDM, “emo”, and even some hip-hop renditions of their music. With the existence of social media, millions of individuals with the talent are able to attempt and expose themselves. However, the sheer popularity of those that are already mainstream may take most of the time and attention away from those who have yet to be discovered.

Chester Bennington’s suicide, which garnered a lot of mixed attention and attitudes, is almost like the ultimate portrayal of what he had tried to express in his music to his fans. So as a casual fan who has enjoyed The Chainsmokers from the start with their original, pop-sounding track, “Selfie” and its contrast to “Sick Boy” is truly shifting. One of rapper Logic’s most popular singles of last year, “1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid”, plays a similar dark theme to “Sick Boy” and encourages a reform on our current culture’s views of mental illness and depression.

Were The Chainsmokers originally using its social media platform to garner attention, and are they now able to express the music and themes they truly want to? Or are they merely keeping up with the constantly changing trends. Both sides seem like necessary plays with the competitive industry that exists today, yet how much of it is real will always be in question.

Alex Pall – Teaming The Chainsmokers Duo



Born and raised in New York City, Alex Pall is a member of The Chainsmokers. Pall along with his partner, Andrew Taggart earned much of the fame from the group. They together released various popular singles and album for which they received various prestigious awards including Grammy Awards. Pall earned a good amount of net worth from the sales of their album and singles.


There isn’t much that the Chainsmokers can’t do. They have become a frequent presence on both the American and Global Pop charts, with most of their hits ending atop the Electro/EDM charts. The team has worked together with singer extraordinaire Halsey to produce the track “Closer”. To Andrew and Alex, the track represents a deeper look at their vast array of skills. The track features Andrew as a leading vocalist, which is something that is rather unheard of for a DJ. Most of their lives have been spent around turntables, sound equipment, and computerized sounds. This track helps remove the mask behind the talent that is the Chainsmokers. (See: Pall on Interview Magazine: The Chainsmokers)



Alex Pall divulged his passion for dance music when he met Andrew at an art gallery. The two dropped their current day-to-day fancies in pursuit of this big career. The rest is history. The ideas were bounced back and forth between the two, creating lasting discussions that both could take note of. This provided the duo the necessary insight they needed to succeed. Chit-chatting brought them to producing and creating tracks that really spoke to people. They never set out to produce a record and watch it grow, instead the put every ounce of fortitude and effort the track needed to host long-term success. They continue to help each other get better each day and that is something they credit to their success. Click Here to learn more.



They both understand one another’s skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses. The idea to have Andrew sing on this new track came from a night of childhood revival. The pair sat around listening to tracks that they did as teenagers, helping to revive a spark in a generation that duo felt is lost in today’s music trends. They wanted to make a relatable track to middle-aged individuals who still had that teenage angst spurring holes in their body. “Closer” is not just a track to climb charts and break airwaves, it is the theme song that brings the listener closer to the duo than ever before.