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Sentient AI Gives eCommerce Personalization to Businesses



Sentient AI has come up with solutions to make things easier for people who have businesses. The company uses artificial intelligence to help other companies reach the customers they are unable to reach on their own. It is what has allowed Sentient AI the chance to continue growing. With things like ecommerce personalization, Sentient AI is doing what they can to show customers they matter to the businesses that have chosen Sentient AI as their provider. Since they know what they are doing, they can provide excellent options for all the people who they are working within the different technology sectors.


Since Sentient AI first started, they have been providing people with the options they need to give their best intelligence options for each website. The company works in different areas so they can show people what they are able to get from their business website. Since Sentient AI first started, they have been giving people all the options they need to ensure their website is going to be the best that it can be. No matter what Sentient AI does with their business, they know they can try to offer different things to each of their clients.


When the company was first working on ecommerce personalization, they knew they had to do something big so customers would have a chance to see the things they were looking for online. It helped them cater to more businesses who wanted their customers to realize they were doing everything they could to offer them the best experiences. Since Sentient AI does this, they are confident they can keep helping their clients get more customers and have more satisfied customers in the businesses they are a part of. For them to do this, they have to try different things and offer different opportunities to their clients.


Perhaps one of the most important parts of ecommerce personalization is the idea of finding what the customer is looking for. Sentient AI uses artificial intelligence to learn about customers and what they are doing online. They can then base their suggestions on the things the customers have learned about in their own internet searches. All of this allows Sentient AI the chance to make sure they are showing things the right way to all the people who visit the different websites. When a company chooses to use the Sentient AI ecommerce personalization, they are doing what they can to offer their customers the best experience possible.

Kenneth Goodgamne on Eliminating Silo Mentality



For many years, Kenneth Goodgame has listened in the board rooms of the companies where he has worked about the silo mentality where employees ownership over their corner of the business and do not want to share ideas with other departments. Kenneth’s leadership experiences include leadership with True Value Hardware, Ace Hardware and Techtronic Industries and Newell Rubbermaid. He says that while he understands how the silo mentality develops, it kills businesses completely or severely hurts their revenue streams.

While Kenneth Goodgame is called a marketing genius driving companies to record sales, when he starts working for a company one of the first hurdles that he must break down is the silo mentality. He starts by bringing everyone on board with a unified vision including long term goals, departmental objectives and key initiatives. Only when this occurs can the leadership team raise the bar to the next level. He says it is the principles that he applied to drive True Value and Ace Hardware sales to record highs when he worked for these companies.

Once the leadership team has eliminated the silo mentality, then it is time to bring everyone on board. After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a degree in marketing, he started his illustrative career with Home Depot where he led the brand’s largest product launch to date. As he prepared for this launch, he spent hours in stores making sure that everyone was ready to row the boat in the same direction. He says that only when everyone shared a common goal was this launch successful.

While eliminating the silo mentality is hard work, companies who are able to do so are hugely successful as the quality of their products improve. No longer are managers hearing complaints about it not being their job, as everyone works together to achieve the common goal. Workers at all levels of the company become much more productive because they feel a sense of ownership in the common goal.

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Eric Pulier: The Technical Expert



Eric Pulier is an American businessperson and an author as well as a philanthropist. Mr. Pulier was raised in New Jersey. He started his programming career while in the fourth grade. He began a computer database business while still in high school.Pulier joined Harvard University in 1984 where he specialized in Business Administration and attained his Bachelor’s degree in 1988. He also went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and majored in American Literature and English. He wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson.

Eric Pulier has founded and co-founded many companies through the use of technology. He founded a company called People Doing Things (PDT) a business that deals with health care and education among other issues. He also initiated an interactive agency Digital Evolution Company which joined with US Interactive LLC in 1998. Pulier also builds a social network for sick children. Star Bright World was created to enable the children chat and post content and also meet new people who share same experiences. Mr. Pulier built and executed The Bridge to the 21st Century which is the Presidential Exhibition website in Washington D.C. He is a member and a supporter of the Clinton Global Initiative. He is also the leader of the Enterprise Leadership Council. He co-founded Understanding Enterprise SOA and is the Chief Technology Officer of Santa Monica Media Company at present. He has raised Millions of dollars in business ventures he has co-founded or founded. He recently sold his company at $ 350 million. Mr. Pulier owns a restaurant in Califonia which is attached to his nightclub.

He is among the most successful businesspersons in the government and technology business. Mr. Pullier can turn a small idea into a complete business with a profit of a million dollar. He is acknowledged for his novelty and successful business in technology. He was listed among the 30 e-Visionaries by VAR Company. He is a public speaker at technology conferences worldwide. Mr. Pulier is a donor to various non-profit administrations. He is the innovation board member of the X-Prize Foundation. Mr. Pulier also funds the camp for kids with chronic illness among other charitable organizations.

Securus Inmate Technology is Helping Inmates and Families During the Christmas Season



Christmas time is a special moment in the lives of many people. Especially, for children who really look forward to this holiday every year. Young children enjoy the Christmas season with their parents. As a matter of fact, if a parent was incarcerated during this time of the year it would be tough. However, this does not have to be their reality.

I have discovered that a technology company called Securus provides video visitation equipment for inmates. This technology is truly a blessing for inmates. Why? Because it allows them to communicate w their families through the use of video technology.

I watched a promotional video about an inmate visiting with their child during Christmas time and discovered how video visitation equipment keeps families united.
During the video, a child who was talking to his incarcerated father.

The child went down the steps and was able to open Christmas gifts while his father watched him through a mobile phone. This was great. It was almost the same as his father being there with his young son.

Securus video visitation technology is an outstanding service for inmates because it allows them to keep in touch with their families, while they are serving time. That is an important part of keeping prisoners from returning back to jail.

The company Securus specializes in communications solutions and equipment for various members of the law enforcement community and the criminal justice system. They provide practical technologies that facilitate communication among various entities within these communities. They are especially committed to helping inmates and their families.

This is why many of Securus’s communication technologies are being used for this purpose. They truly want prisoners to be able to stay out of jail and more importantly, for children to know their dads and moms. Securus technologies got it right with their video visitation technology. You can find out more about Securus and the technologies they offer on their website

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The Visual Search Start-Ups Is The Solution To E-Commerce



Technology is changing day in day out, and it is now possible to discover the products you need online based on the image of the objects in real world. This is made possible by the visual search start-ups. They have become popular with e-commerce markets as companies are using them to help their users find the products online.

It is now possible to find the photos of products such as clothes and shoes as they appear in real world. Initially shops dealing with online selling of products rarely offered real sized products after purchase. Most of the products from these shops could appear too large or too small for your size, and in many cases the product seen on the picture is not the same when you get in touch with it. As such the target markets has been deviating away from the online fashion retailers due to disappointments and have decided to go to the stores directly and purchase what they need.

The commencement of visual start-ups has helped many companies meet their needs and retain target customers. They offer artificial intelligence-based solutions that help the smart visual recommendations of the products. The visual search start-ups have been vital in e-commerce by enabling the users to find products online based on their photos in real world. There are a number of start-ups that have taken root all over the world currently and each is aiming at cracking the visual search of the products. Most of the visual search companies have been concentrating on consumer applications and they provide multiple verticals. They are helping both consumers and business to make decisions which are data driven.

The start-ups are using the technology of natural images to make smarter recommendations to the customers looking for certain products online, and help in giving suggestions to the fashion retailers and buyers on what to buy based on data from the real world consumer-purchasing.

One company that has succeeded in this technology is Slyce, which provides complete solution for visual search. The company uses image recognition technology to activate the visual recognition of a product based on its existing images. The technology is available both on mobile devices and desktop devices.

The company’s aim is to empower the customers in searching and activating everything they come across. Its new product on the market is referred to as ‘Scout’, which is an app for visual search powered savings concierge.