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George Soros Prepares Nearly Limitless Options for Those Less Fortunate



What happens when a billionaire’s capital meets the will to improve the world?

A simple way to answer this question would be – George Soros. In reality, this individual is the epitome of a mix of wealth and willingness to do whatever it takes to help people around the world. Up to this point, he has given up approximately $14 billion of his fortune to help his charity organization “Open Society”. Since its establishment, the main goal was to aid people who have been affected by natural disasters, inequalities, or any other social norms that put them in a place without prosperity.

What happens when mainstream media gets a hold of George Soros?

Usually, not many good things come out of such a combination. Over his career, Soros has been labeled as the man who broke the bank of Britain. This came after Britain’s currency was shortened by Soros and many other investors who weakened it to a point of delisting from European Currency Exchange.

More controversially, Soros has been connected to a lot of modern-day, United States-based events that portray him as the person in charge of the trending protests. For example, when a notable football player Kaepernick started the protests against the national anthem, there was a lot of individuals who placed Soros in the back of the picture. The main reason that there are large groups who would believe such a thing is the fact that Soros supported the Democratic establishment throughout the election of 2016.

After Democrats lost to their Republican opponents, a lot of GOP members started pin-pointing to this successful investor as the main reason why the country is not running properly. Consequently, the mainstream media has held him accountable for things like conspiracy and trying to sabotage officials in high positions so that he can have his personal agenda. Nevertheless, there is no tangible proof about any of those allegations.

The New Endeavors
Even though Soros could have an entire full-time job having to deal with critics of his imagined efforts, he dedicates his time to causes worthy of it. For example, the new donation comes as a form of help for millions of people around the world and Soros has left enough money to make it last long after he is gone. This somewhat makes the entire donation appear as if it is a will where the majority of his net worth stays behind to be given to a lot of individuals across the world.

Regardless of such a noble gesture, there are many people who are looking for ideas that would contradict such an act of kindness. Some individuals claim that Soros will not dare actually donate so much money until maybe even later in his life. The past proves this saying otherwise, however, as Soros has indeed donated a lot of money to charities of his choice and went as far as to create an organization of his own. This is why it is to be expected to see great things fro his latest contribution.

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Adam Milstein Thinks Isrealness is the Solution to Help American Jews Connect to Their Jewish Roots



Adam Milstein contributed an article to the Jerusalem Post that was published on May 5th, 2016. It addresses how Jewish groups and leaders can address the problem of many younger Jews feeling disconnected from the land of Israel and their Judaism. Mr. Milstein heads one of the biggest outreach organizations in the United States, called the American-Israeli Council. Below is a summary of his article that was featured on the Jerusalem Post.

Mr. Milstein starts off by discussing what is widely known as the Pew problem. It is a reference to a Pew research study that found a third of all Jewish Americans that are between the ages of 18-29 have no religion. Additionally, it found that two-thirds of this group did not feel a strong bond with Israel. Jews who are not strongly connected to the state of Israel are much more likely to be disconnected form their faith, culture and other Jewish people and groups.

Another study done by Brandeis University states that more than half of American Jewish college students can not correctly answer basic questions about the Jewish State of Israel. There is a strong gap between the younger millennial generation of Jews and the older Jews who represent the parents and grandparents of the young generation of the Jews in America. Older Jews are far more likely to feel connected to the Jewish state of Israel and their Judaic background. In fact, a study found that 8 out of 10 or 80% of such Jews feel a strong connection to the Jewish state of Israel.

Adam Milstein shot down criticism that the Jewish state is actually hampering efforts to bring Jewish young people closer to Judaism and Jewish groups. This argument counts on the fact that Israel is often portrayed as being controversial and a source of conflict in the world by often biased and misinformed media. Milstein argues the opposite.

He views the Jewish state of Israel and Israeli Jews as being one of the best ways to connect Jewish youth and millenials as well as middle-aged Jewish Americans with their Jewish roots. Adam Milstein points out the tremendous success that programs such as Birthright Israel, Masa Isreal and Gap Year have had in changing the attitudes of people when it comes to viewing their Jewish background and their view on Israel. Israeli-Americans such as himself can also play a crucial role in the engagement with the Jewish community by helping to bring Israeli and Jewish culture into American Jewish society.

CCMP Capital: Choosing A Private Equity Investment Firm



Are you looking for a private equity firm? Wondering why many people and businesses choose CCMP Capital? Trying to find a reputable private equity firm can be daunting and very confusing if you don’t know where to look. Some private equity firms on manage a vast range of funds such as investment trusts and limited partnerships.

CCMP Capital is the most recommended Private Equity Investment Firm. There are many Private Equity Investment Firms out there but not all of them have the quality resources and industry expertise to provide the level of service you desire. That is why many smart people choose Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, a reliable New York-based private equity investment firm.

When it comes to selecting a private equity firm you need to consider certain companies that are well known to provide beneficial services to businesses. CCMP Capital is a reputable private equity firm and the company has been around for many years. Many business owners and companies have relied on the expert services of CCMP Capital to achieve outstanding results.

You should only choose a private equity company that meets all of your requirements for investment. Most companies will publicly announce or list what their investment requirements or preferences are and how to contact them. CCMP Capital makes it easy to contact them and review your situation. Once you have selected a private equity firm you will start the investment process where the investment firm states exactly what they’re looking for. A business plan is always required at this stage.

CCMP Capital has a team of well trained and experienced professionals who can walk you through the entire process, from start to finish. These professionals have great expertise in private equity investing and are highly dedicated to ensuring your success. When you contact CCMP Capital, their professionals will set up a consultation to discuss your needs and evaluate your current situation, and then develop a plan for reaching your goal.

Many businesspeople and companies all over the world have benefited immensely from the excellent services of CCMP Capital. If you truly want to learn more about private equity investment and how you can take advantage of this proven strategy to accomplish your objectives, CCMP Capital is the right company to contact.

Stephen Murray was the former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray was a private equity investor as well as a philanthropist. CCMP Capital is a private equity firm which specializes in buyout and growth equity transactions. Murray earned his bachelor’s degree in economics, and a master’s degree in business administration. Mr Murray was a founding partner of CCMP. Stephen Murray passed away on March 12, at age 52.

CCMP Focuses On Financial Gains



Many investors today have concerns about finding acceptable vehicles to invest their capital. With markets in flux, and economies on shaky ground, many investors are looking for safe havens to store their hard earned money. While some are looking to turn a profit, others are seeking a place where they can preserve their hard earned wins.

There are many different equity firms and money management houses on that excel in making big gains. Unfortunately these gains are realized for only a short time. What can be a successful investment at one point can be quickly wiped out by any one of a number of factors.

With the fluctuations from world financial economies such as Russia and China, a more diversified play is the more prudent strategy for consistent gains, albeit small ones. There are still plays where a savvy investor can make a killing in a short time. These will always exist in the market. But as investors react more reactively than proactively, it is hard to determine what big plays can be made with minimal risk.

It is now more important than ever to find seasoned investment firms and equity funds that have a history of true investment and considerable growth.

Companies like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital have a history of bringing their various investors growth. The firm was originally conceived as a branch of JP Morgan Chase in 2006. Over the years, CCMP has gone on to become one of the largest equity investment firms in America. In its short life span it has invested nearly $12 billion in liberty buyouts and growth capital place. In 2007, it was ranked as the world’s 17th largest private equity fund. CCMP’s global reach now includes offices in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo and London. It places major emphasis upon leveraged buyout opportunities, as well as growth capital and equity investments.

CCMP was birthed from the Chemical Bank’s private equity firm, Chemical Venture Partners back in 1984. Chase purchased the firm from Chemical Bank in 1996 and renamed Chase Capital Partners.

When J.P. Morgan Chase reorganized in the year 2000, the company its name to JP Morgan Partners to reflect its new ownership, and acquisition of other investment houses such as The Beacon Group, Robert Fleming & Co., Chase Manhattan and others.

Over the years the firm has managed to continue growing and serving their various investments with ongoing growth, as well as establishing a strong foothold in the financial community. The former president of CCMP, Stephen Murray, has a lot to do with the growth of the company.

Murray, who led the company through its most prosperous time after taking the reins in 2007, utilized his vast experience to bring the company to its current prominence. Murray held numerous positions on the boards of highly prominent companies, including AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Warner Chilcott and Aramark.

It is this continued quest for excellence that has driven Murray and CCMP to the top of the financial world. With a history of substantial investment success, it continues to be one of the most prominent and lucrative financial equity firms in the world.

No one can tell the future of the financial markets. But with the vast experience of companies like CCMP, investors can be assured that they are in the best financial hands possible.