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How Juan “OG” Perez Famously Celebrated His 50th Birthday



Juan “OG” Perez recently celebrated his birthday with his wife and a close group of friends. It is said that his friend, Jay Z spent about $113,000 for celebration which included $13,000 on the dinner, $9,000 on drinks, and another $91,000 spent at a club they went to.

Along with Jay Z and Juan “OG” Perez, his wife Desiree Perez was along for the ridge as well as other ROC Nation people. They started the night out in Midtown where they ate at Zuma, a highly popular Japanese restaurant, which both Jay Z and his wife Beyonce are big fans of. They dined on steak, lobster, and sushi which resulted in a $13,000 bill. They followed this by going to a restaurant-nightclub named Made in Mexico. They spent $9,000 here on D’USSE’ which is a high-end cognac.

Taking everything to the next level, Juan “OG” Perez and his party moved to Playroom Nightclub. This was attended by just Juan “OG” Perez, Jay Z, Desiree Perez, and four friends of theirs. This is where they legendarily spent $91,000 on 40 bottles of champagne. This included 20 bottles of champagne, Ace of Spades Gold, and 20 bottles Ace of Spades Rosé. One of the servers took a picture of the receipt and posted it on Snapchat which is how word of this expense got out to the public.

Juan “OG” Perez grew up in Harlem and graduated from high school in 1985. He first met Jay Z in 1996 through a mutual professional contact, Kareem “Biggs” Burke who co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records. They ended up becoming big friends and have now worked together for a number of years. They are both involved in leading ROC Nation and have opened a number of lounges and sports bars together. They now have five locations of the 40/40 Club around the nation.

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Talos Energy: The Search for Oil



The Gulf of Mexico is believed to be rich in oil and other petroleum resources, however, players from foreign countries have limitations when exploring the country’s water bodies. However, it all changed in 2017 when the government of Mexico finally allowed foreign companies to explore their waters, after 80 years. A group of three foreign oil companies decided to team up and explore the Gulf of Mexico to search for oil. They are trying to search for the location deep within the waters of the gulf that is believed to contain hundreds of millions of oil barrels. Premier Oil PLC, Talos Energy LLC and Sierra Oil & Gas decided to commence the search for oil as soon as possible. They stated that the search will last for more than 90 days, and they are hoping that the search will be successful. The search will take place several kilometers off the coast of the city of Tabasco and the team will have a number of equipment on board that will help them with the exploration. Talos Energy LLC is an American Oil Company which specializes in oil exploration and research. They have been in the business for so many years, and they have a high success rate because of their experiences. Talos Energy LLC agreed that they will be given a 35% participation interest to hold up, and if there will be any oil found, the company will also be given a share for the revenue that will be made.

To help them with the oil exploration, Talos Energy LLC created a well called the Zama-1 Exploration Well. This well is crucial in locating the oil deep within the Gulf of Mexico, and in a matter of weeks, they managed to locate the oil. The team successfully found the oil on July 12, 2017, and contrary to earlier beliefs, the resource down under can create billions of oil barrels. This is another triumph for Talos Energy LLC, and this success will surely be added to their portfolio. The team behind the exploration will drill the well as soon as possible, and they thanked Talos Energy LLC for their expertise in the field of oil exploration.

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Omar Yunes Much Anticipated Winner of the BFW Competition



Making it big in the food and restaurant industry is a big challenge, primarily due to the increasing competition in this sector. Now and then we see a new restaurant or a food chain coming up with innovative cuisine and food items to lure the customers, and sustaining for many years even in such fast-evolving market is a significant achievement. It is what Omar Yunes has been able to do with his chain of Sushi Itto fusion fast food restaurants.

Sushi itto is one of the most famous Japanese fusion food restaurant chains in the world with 150 restaurants presently. Omar Yunes owns 13 Sushi Itto franchise and started his first franchise when he was 21 years old. Omar Yunes has been passionate about food and becoming an entrepreneur from a very early age. So, when he saw an opportunity knocking Mexico in the form of Sushi Itto brand, he didn’t hold back and started even though Omar was not fully prepared for it when he opened his very first outlet of Sushi Itto.

Omar Yunes is well known in the food industry of Mexico as an organized and disciplined franchise owner, which is what has helped him take his network of Sushi Itto franchises to great height of success. In a recent Best Franchisee in the World Competition that was held in the city of Florence in Italy, Omar Yunes won the award for the Best Franchisee in the World. It has helped him gain the popularity in the food and restaurant business that he truly deserves. However, Omar Yunes was very humble and modest at the time of receiving the award and said that it is only due to the efforts of the 400 employees working across his 13 Sushi Itto franchisee that he won such a prestigious award.

Omar Yunes won the BFW competition because he has contributed immensely to increase the brand value and awareness through his unique marketing approach locally. He has also helped in ensuring that the quality of food and services offered at each of his Sushi Itto outlets are of high standards and follows stringent quality checks.

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