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Slyce Is Looking at a Way to Revolutionize Computer Vision



The tech industry is almost synonymous with innovation. When companies catch the public eye it’s usually because they’ve managed to create something that’s right out of science fiction. And that’s a sentiment which many people have expressed after hearing about Slyce.

Slyce is a company which is focusing on achieving what’s mostly been a dream up until this point. Most people have never heard of visual search and product recognition technologies. And there’s a good reason for that fact. Visual search has mostly come with pretty severe limitations. In theory it can be an amazing feature. Visual search is intended to be like using a normal search engine. Except that instead of words it’s focused on using images. For example, if one sees someone wearing a great dress than finding it on sale should be as easy as sending a picture to visual search. In practice the reality has been far less impressive. Even the offerings by the largest companies have needed shortcuts which basically kept them on the same level as a normal text search. For example, visual search implementations might need to read barcodes or the labels on a package. Things that a person could easily just toss into a normal search engine on their own. Slyce was as aware of these limitations as anyone and knew that the technology needed to be pushed further in order to be useful.

Simply deciding to revolutionize an entire field of technology is an ambitious prospect. But Slyce has managed to do it. One of the big reasons is that they looked at the industry from a more modern perspective. Visual search techniques can be very hardware intensive. It needs great cameras, powerful processors, and huge databases of visual data to reference. One of the big stumbling blocks is that the needed hardware doesn’t really exist in a single popular form. Slyce realized that it doesn’t really need to be in a single package though. Modern smartphones necessitate a good data connection. This means that a modern smartphone with a great camera and good Internet connection can essentially remotely pair up with powerful supercomputers in a remote location to handle the heavy processing. The end result has been amazingly effective. It’s allowed Slyce to create visual search implementations which can actually perform real visual searches. Unlike competitors, Slyce’s offerings are actually working with the visual data in a picture. Not just picking up on names or barcodes.

Slyce has taken this one step further though. They’ve managed to compartmentalize their search techniques into something that can be easily integrated with other software. So a company who sells shoes, or example, could easily license out Slyce’s technology and allow their app to recognize pictures of people’s shoes.