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Meyers Gets Queer Bombed



Seth Meyers is known for his flashy smile and catchy sketch comedy routines on the long running comedy shoe Saturday Night Live. This past weekend Meyers was performing a show at the State Theatre where he did what he does best, he made the audience laugh late into the evening. After his set was done, Seth headed back to his hotel bar to get a few drinks with friends. What Seth didn’t know was that the bar that he was sitting at was actually about to get Queer Bombed. Queer Bombing is a trend where 100 or more LGBT identifying people and their allies come together and completely take over a bar or nightclub. The idea of queer bombing came from the adversities that LGBT individuals had to face when it came to going out for a night on the town. Instead of partying in small numbers, supporters and members of the community decided to travel in a large and definitive group in order to protect its members. This past weekend was the same situation. When the Queer Bomb group realized that Seth Meyers was at the bar that they were taking over, the comedian did what any lighthearted person would do. Meyers kept the party going. Meyers took pictures with fans and even gave a shout out to the partygoers on his late night talk show says business executive Shaygan Kheradpir. Meyers has definitely proved himself as a man of the people.