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George Soros’ Philanthropic work through Open Society Foundation



George Soros is an American-Hungarian investor and one of the most famous and foremost philanthropists. He was born on August 1930 in Budapest. He lived through the 1944-1945 Nazi occupation. During which over 500,000 Jews were killed. He left Hungary for London in 1947 and worked as a part-time nightclub waiter and a railway doorkeeper to put himself through school. He went to the London School of Economics. Here he graduated with Bachelor’s Degree and later a Master’s Degree in Philanthropy. He left for the US in 1956 and settled in New York where he entered the world of investment finance, and it is through this that he got the capital to establish his own hedge fund, the Soros Fund Management in 1970. This made him one of the most successful investors in history. In 1992, he made 1 billion dollars on a bet against the British Pound and was nicknamed “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

He started his philanthropic work in 1979 when he sponsored black South African students to enable them to attend university during the apartheid period in the country. He also used his wealth to form the Open Society Foundations which is a web of organizations and programs in over 100 countries. He formed this organization to fight for democratic governance, freedom of expression and respect for human rights. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, he founded the Central European University as a safe haven to foster critical thinking in the Soviet states. He played a major role in helping the Soviet state open up to the world through financing students to attend western Universities in order to foster cultural diversity.

In 2017, the billionaire donated 18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundation from his personal fortune which was ranked at 23 billion dollars by Forbes. This money is to be used for future Philanthropic activities of the organization and will change the way the organization carries out these activities. The Open Society Foundation has funded numerous programs around the world including refugee relief programs, immigrant rights groups, and public health effort programs.

Over the years, Soros has funded and supported paralegals and lawyers who represent unlawfully incarcerated individuals and has provided school fees to thousands of students from marginalized and impoverished communities through scholarships and grants. The Foundation spends about 900 million dollars per year on grants, visa, and education financing programs. He has also taken part in funding independent groups and organizations such as Institute for New Economic Thinking, The European Council of Foreign Relations, Global Witness, and the International Crisis Group. The organization is thought to have carried out the most philanthropic activities around the world this is according to the President of the Ford Foundation, Darren Walker.

According to NY Times, George Soros has continued to support the Open Society Foundation and has been donating over 800 million dollars per year, with the organization carrying out philanthropic work in over 120 countries for a period of 30 years. He is one of the major Democratic campaign donors financing numerous Democratic political candidates one of the many candidates being Hillary Clinton. and Follow him

George Soros: The Philanthropist The World Needs



George Soros has been an incredible influencer to the masses since he started his career. He made his big break after being involved with a couple of risky stock trading deals which turned out to work in his favor, raking in the fortune that he has today. He is said to be a person who has a firm grasp of the financial field the stock market and is considered to be one of the most successful hedge fund investors in the entire world.

Soros was born in Hungary and moved to London where he worked a number of odd jobs to put himself through an economics degree at the prestigious London School of Economics

Besides being a financialist, Soros is also an extremely notable philanthropist. He has been the founder of numerous big charities that have donated billions of dollars towards the people and the causes that the charities support. Soros has had foundations in almost every array and has tried to reach out to some of the most minority based sections of society.

George Soros is also someone who believes in supporting a good cause. He has been the firm guide behind several political movements, which have been rallying for change. He is particularly well versed with the political scene in the United States and is actively involved in its endeavors. He was one of the primary financial backings behind the Ferguson protests and donated to charities organizations that were working to have their fundamental rights enforced and well protected.

George Soros is an open supporter of the Democratic Party and has come forward several times in support of them and the charities that they help. One of the first times that Soros came forward in favor of the Democratic Party was in 2004 when the party was up against George Bush. Soros donated a total of twenty-eight million to secure their position in the government and to help them win the election. However, the election did not work out in favor of the Democratic Party, which is why Soros then decided to step away from political parties for a while. He, however, made a reappearance in support of the Democratic Party in the 2016 elections. He knew that the country would be in a state of turmoil if Donald Trump took over, and therefore tried to do everything in his power to make Hillary Clinton win the election. He has openly expressed several times his lack of faith in the current president, Donald Trump, and had the opinion that the country would ultimately fall into chaos under his ruling.

Even though the party did not win, Soros realized that it would not be right to step away from American politics and decided to involve himself more with it actively. He is still leading organizations and movements that are working to protect the rights of members of minority communities within America, and are working to improve the living conditions of the people as well and Follow him