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End Citizens United Trying To Propel The Blue Wave, But Without Dark Money



As the calendar moves closer to the warm summer months, the United States congressional races ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, are already heating up. End Citizens United is a progressive based support system for candidates that are either walking away from corporately slanted funding, or at the very least advocating for campaign finance reform.

The Washington D.C. based organization is now in its third year, formed to endorse candidates who reject special interest group manipulation of legislators. End Citizens United takes its name as a counterpunch against Citizens United. The organization blossomed as a result of a single court ruling in 2010.

Supporters contend that the Citizens United vs. FEC decision was wrong, and opened the floodgates of what they refer to as dark money to flood unbridled into the nation’s political process. ECU president Tiffany Muller and supporters believe that too many politicians accept massive campaign donations from the nefarious sources.

Because of the influence of this funding, they end up legislating with an allegiance to these massive interest groups instead of in the best interest of the local constituents. The progressive organization believes it to be at the core of corrupt politics in Washington D.C. and is fighting to push candidates who denounce the old ways into office.

One of their most visible candidates, Beto O’Rourke is beginning to make headway against former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz in Texas. O’Rourke has served six years representing the 16th congressional district in Texas and has his eyes on the state’s senatorial seat come November.

Another big target for the campaign reform march is aimed at soon-to-retire Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Randy Bryce is now trying to accomplish what many felt was impossible. Bryce, a former military veteran and ironworker, has outraised his competition by nearly $2 million just in the first quarter of 2018.

Collectively, ECU hopes to generate over $35 million for candidates they endorse. All of his funding has come even though he has denounced any stream of donations from special interest groups. There target is what they call the “Big Money 20“, deemed the biggest abusers of special interest campaign contributions.

Early last month the door for Bryce swung wide open with Ryan’s announcement he would not be seeking reelection. The objective of the Democratic Party is to ride a blue wave into November in an attempt to secure control of both houses of Congress.

While wave of Democratic congressional control is also the goal of every End Citizens United supporter, they want that wave to be devoid of the campaign money they deem compromises elected officials’ ability to legislate with integrity. End Citizens United is working to propel the blue wave, but without the need for dark money contributions.

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George Soros Helping Build A Better Tomorrow Through His Philanthropic Initiatives



George Soros is a man who believes in making a positive difference in the society we live in, and he has been trying to do so with his financial resources for last several decades. Whether it is a social welfare program or contributing to the political aid to help support the political candidate of his choice, George Soros has been there and done that, time and again. It has strengthened his position in the political spectrum of the United States and thanks to the outreach of George Soros and his network; he is closely associated with the politics of many other countries as well. The primary aim of George Soros is to help the government that is in democratic and liberal and respects the rights of the people and implements reforms that are in favor of the people and not the corporations.

George Soros has been in the news time and again, often surrounded by many controversies, from the time he shorted British Pounds that made him over a billion dollars overnight and led Great Britain to financial collapse. George Soros believes that business and politics are two different things and must not be interfered. When it comes to having a political view or side, George Soros considers himself a democratic liberal and says that it is essential that the governments today to know the boundaries within which to function as it is often seen that the rules are violating the fundamental rights of the people. It is because of this difference in opinion with the government in some aspects is why he is known to support Antifa Movements and Black Lives Matter, and other protests.

George Soros is also known to spend vast amounts on his foundation, Open Society Foundation, to help the victims of drug abuse and even uplift the rights of the LGBTQ Community. It is a well-known fact that George Soros believes in equality and calls for it when it comes to justice as well, primarily because lately there have been cases of massive negligence and injustice against the Black people, immigrants, refugees, and the minorities in the United States. He even announced the fund transfer of $18 billion to Open Society Foundation to help his organization to reach out globally and expand its outreach to help people in need. He believes that the people who are blessed with the influence and financial resources should do their part to help the society they live in.

George Soros feels that it is the responsibilities of the people who are blessed with a fortune to do their part to coerce the government to take right steps and correct when they are going wrong. George Soros has seen it all during his lifetime, starting from the Holocaust in his home country of Hungary to both the World Wars and much more. George Soros has also seen the politics of most of the major countries in the world and knows for a fact that change in the society can only come through putting the right people in power, which is why he did everything in his power to support his candidate, Hillary Clinton, during the last Presidential Election.

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