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Youth Football League Team Fined for Excessive Scoring



For a team of pee-wee football players, the line between winning a losing just became a little bit blurred.

My neighbor Jared Haftel told me about a recent game in Lawrenceville, Georgia between the Black Knights and Collins Hill ended in a final score of 38-0. It also ended up costing the Black Knight head-coach a one week suspension and the team a $500 fine.

Why? The Gwinnett Football League has a rule against running up the score over an opponent by more than 33 points. All hell broke lose when 8-year-old Elijah Burrell of the Black Knights intercepted a pass and scampered into the end-zone for the first touchdown of his life. Unfortunately, the score was 32-0 at the time.

In the youth’s jubilation, the league expects him to stop and a politely put the ball down instead of trying to score, which is whole point of the game.

League President Erik Richards told reporters the suspension and fine were levied as a result of unsportsmanlike behavior on the part of the little Black Knight players. The parents disagree.

They claim the kids are conditioned to play hard and try to score and when they do so, they are both proud and excited. At no time did the Black Knight players mock the other team or intentionally try to run-up the score.

All this falls in line with a trend in America where kids are being taught that everyone is equal and there are no losers. The reality is that losing is suppose to inspire people to work harder to achieve.

For a team of little tikes in Georgia, they are going to be forced to learn that winning often results in bad things happening to everyone involved. Here’s hoping they don’t grow up to be soldiers.