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Orlando Bloom’s Expressions Hilarious



As pointed out early today, Thursday, June 18, by Chris Smith for BGR News, Orlando Bloom expressions in background shots in The Lord of the Rings series are sometimes too funny for words. Smith created GIFs showing Bloom grinning oddly and looking incredulous or overly interested in whatever is happening in the foreground.

Smith believes Bloom is “trolling” film viewers, but many fans of the films who have looked at the GIFs Smith posted in his article disagree. Bloom does not look like he’s trying to draw attention to himself in the background. If anything, poor acting and filming issues could easily be blamed for some of the expressions.

After all, the character Legolas in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was Bloom’s first truly big film role. It is far more easy to believe that Bloom simply did not have enough on-screen acting experience at that point to maintain character in many scenes than it is to think that he had chosen to be less than professional. Additionally, the director, camera crew and film editor(s) should had caught some of the expressions and re-filmed or re-edited.

Yet, while Smith seems hyper-focused on the background, the foreground is where all the action took place in the series. As a result, it is not surprising that Bloom would be mostly ignored except by overly obsessed fans like the nurses at the Amen Clinic.