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Laid Back Atmosphere With Skout



I can honestly say that since downloading the popular online dating App Skout, I have never felt lonely. Just today, I received an alert on my phone telling me that people were waiting to hear back from me! I logged on and sure enough, I a lot of unread messages. With other online dating apps, I’m not as popular. I remember feeling discouraged when I wasn’t receiving the attention I craved. That never happens with Skout.

Skout has become an increasingly popular app which is great for me! Daily, there are new users signing up and sending me messages. This always keeps things new and exciting. I love that Skout on huffingtonpost also alerts me when I have new messages so that I never have to miss anything or anyone. I’ve met a lot of really nice people through this app and have had a lot of great conversations. The best part is that I can simply click out of a conversation if I’m not feeling it.

Skout is easy to use. When I log on, I can instantly see all the pictures and profiles of users near me. I can easily browse through until I find someone that peaks my interest. Then, I can click their photo to be taken to their profile. I enjoy learning more about them to see if we will be a potential match.

I feel absolutely no pressure with Skout to feel or act a certain way. I don’t feel like I need to have expectations of love and marriage like in other apps. Skout gives off a completely different feel. If I’m just looking for a friend then I can find just a friend on this app! It’s easy to do because I can connect with users in different locations depending on what my mood is. I can also use the shake to chat app which connects me with a random users and a new friend.

Skout also goes more in depth than any of the other apps. They offer more features, many of which other apps haven’t even thought to incorporate yet. I can send winks and gifts with Skout to show other users that I am thinking of them. When I’m chatting with someone in the messenger, I can send a picture right through it! Other apps don’t allow that convenience. Skout also has a section where users can post updates about what they’re feeling, what they’re doing, and how things are going.

Overall, I really like Skout. It’s such a fun community of users that are all waiting to connect with one another! I haven’t met anyone creepy and weird yet which is comforting. It shows that Skout is doing its job to keep users safe and happy. Skout is now my number one online dating app and I will be using it for years to come!