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How To Effectively Complete Your To-Do List As Shared On Upwork



To-Do lists are helpful, if only we can get through them. Luckily, I came across some helpful tips to ensure you can effectively conceive and excecute your list each and every time.


  1. Make it exhaustive

The best way to concentrate on tasks at hand, is to create an exhaustive list of everything you have to do.

  1. Make it in Advanced

Many spend the early morning of their day preparng their list of to-do, instead, do it before bed or the night before. That way you can use the early morning to get a head start on your tasks versus still contemplating what they are.

  1. One Centralized List

Over time we tend to collect different lists across different platforms or mediums. The key is to centralized so you’re less worried about where a task was documented or let it slip all together.

  1. Keep Time In Mind

With each item is good to have an indication of when it will be started or completed. Why not also include and estimation on how long it will take to finish, this will work wonders for the next tip.

  1. Keep Priorities In Check

Prioritize your list based on time attributes to improve efficiency. For example, why not start with the most difficult or start that long-term project first, you don’t have to finish, but at least it’s atarted.

  1. Always Re-evaluate Your List

Stay vigilant on what items you’ve completed, it helps to encourage you, but also be away of items that no longer need to be on the list, which can help speed along the process.

  1. Delegate When You Can

Self-explanatory, but an important one, especially if you have a team to work with.

  1. Stay Aware of Small Detials and The Grand Scheme

With larger tasks broken into smaller ones, be flexible in your perspective while going through your list.

  1. Do Similar Tasks One After The Next

Batch process can help you move through your list quickly, for example, if you have a bunch of calls to make, try doing them all in sequence.

  1. How Much Energy Is Required

Some tasks require a little more energy than others, tag tasks with a low, medium and high energy scale grade to better focus on the high at the beginning of the day and low towards the end.