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FreedomPop Brings a New Way to Access Data On The Go



It is indisputable that smartphones have revolutionised our lives in the last decade by allowing us to take the internet in our pockets and purses wherever we go, yet the process of being able to use them is still an unpleasant experience. One of the most important aspects of being able to use your shiny new device is purchasing a data plan to access the internet. However, there is a stunning amount of unanimity in how unpleasant purchasing and using a mobile carrier’s services can be. Common complaints cover nearly all aspects of using a mobile service, from billing and setting up a line to complaints about data overages and carriers overcharging for data to not being able to use data you paid for if you want to use a hotspot to link up your laptop or tablet.

FreedomPop is a startup that, as the name suggests, aims to bring freedom from this arcane set of rules, regulations, and fees that the major carriers have created. Their innovative network is comprised of two components, which when combined create a great service available for just a few dollars a month, an order of magnitude lower than the services provided by the main competitors.

The first part of FreedomPop’s service is a nationwide WiFi network available in population centres, which users get unlimited use of for only $5 a month. This allows quick, low latency internet use that’s in many cases faster than any mobile data plan, and obviously much, much cheaper. A clever use of VoiP and related services allows users to call and text on WiFi as well.

The second part of FreedomPop’s network uses mobile data bought in wholesale quantities from the major carriers. Thanks to clever negotiations, FreedomPop able to resell this data to the consumer for much lower prices than even other MVNOs who are also in the business of reselling mobile services can afford. This one-two punch of amazingly cheap yet effective and reliable service means that if you’re looking to switch carriers, FreedomPop is undisputedly the best possible value for your money.