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Purina PetCare: Only the Best for Our Friends



Purina has a worldwide and long term (over 80 years) reputation for providing the best food and supplements for our pets.Developing formulas that guarantee the nutritional needs of dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes is no easy task and Purina collaborates with world famous institutions of higher learning to produce the research that leads to the foods that make our pets lives happier and healthier.

Purina is a leader in animal welfare as well. Pets are companions are their unique personalities enable humans to relate to others in situations where that was difficult and even impossible before. Elders react positively to animal contact, pets keep seniors healthy and provide companionship in times when it is not available. They are never lonely with a pet around.

Purina news coverage supports innovative programs for autistic children like the Virginia Beach SPCA’s Autistic Bridges program.Children learn to accept the pet’s affection. Often times even the pets themselves have special needs and caring for them opens up doors hat were once closed to both.Pets are interpreters of feelings that are not easily expressed in autistic children and even difficulties with other senses can be breached through pet contact.

Adopting a pet can often be a connection that benefits the child, the family and of course, the pet. Purina’s support for this and other innovative therapeutic programs is a service from the heart.

Purina also supports through its philanthropic giving animal shelters and adption agencies through grants and gifts in kind. Donations of pet food and other nutrition products helps these agencies keep their doors open and pets healthy and safe while waiting for their forever family.

Purina’s dedication to pets health and the happiness of owners and pets keeps the company involved and engaged in promoting the welfare of pets and those who enjoy their companionship.

Llamas On The Run In Arizona



A pair of mischievous llamas escaped from their trailer cage today after they arrived at a rehabilitation center for a therapy session to work with some of the patients there. Their escape led to a dramatic chase all through Maricopa County and involved several members of law enforcement needing to get involved.

According to an article found on Buzzfeed News, the two animals got a little scared by the door when they arrived at the center. There was one black one and one white one, and helicopters even captured much of the event on video tape which is now spreading all over the internet like wildfire. Authorities even had to shut down many roads and highways systems to catch the llamas, who seemed to dodge just about every attempt someone made on them. They ran all through the streets while members of the fire department and police force tried to lasso them.

It took several tries to get the llamas back to their owners, and it only happened after the pair of them got split up. Officials were able to detain the black llama while the other one took off like a lightning bolt. Despite how much chaos these two creatures caused the city of Sun City, Arizona, viewers couldn’t help but watch them and crack a smile as eMobile reported. The llamas are beyond cute, and will be glad to get home later after their adventures.

Why Would Sam Tabar Invest In THINX Underwear?



PR Newswire first ran this story about how a great investor decided that he was going to put his money in underwear. Most people do not think of underwear as a good place to put your money, but you would be surprised what Sam Tabar found when he met with the founders of THINX.

THINX is an underwear company that sells to women who have issues with mentruation or incontinence. The underwear are pretty, and they allow ladies to feel beautiful even if they are having these troubles. However, there is another layer to the THINX story.

Sam discovered that THINX works with AFRIpads. AFRIpads is a campaign that sends pads to women and girls in villages all over the African continent. These women often cannot control their periods, and they have to stay at home until their periods have passed. This causes girls to miss a lot of school, and this makes it impossible for women to work on behalf of their families. Every pair of underwear sold in America sends seven pads to women in Africa. The combination of a great product and this worthwhile cause was reason enough for Sam to invest, and it may well be a good reason for you to invest, as well.

Man has 200 Simpson’s Characters Tattooed on Back, Hoping for World Record



Michael Baxter, 52, of Australia might just be the biggest Simpson’s fan in the world, and he’s wearing his fandom proudly in the form of a massive tattoo. The tattoo, which encompasses Baxter’s entire back, features 200 characters from the Simpson’s.

The main characters, Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie, are front and center on the tattooed man’s back. Regular characters and guest stars fill in the rest of the area. Moe’s Tavern is also featured on his shoulder, along with the iconic Simpson’s couch and Santa’s Helper.

According to Baxter, his love of cartoons isn’t a life-long obsession, but a fairly new one. He according to Lee G. Lovett, allegedly, fell in love with Cartoon’s around the same time he began getting Tattoos. All-in-all, he’s sat for over 130 hours of tattoos at a single studio. The tattoo has been completed and designed by artist, Jade Baxter-Smith.

Baxter also has a tattoo on his leg featuring Family Guy character, Stewie, and several other tattoos honoring family members. Baxter is now in the hunt for a Guinness world record because of his tattoo.

He has began the paperwork for the most cartoon character tattoos, but more needs to be filled out. He’s hoping to complete the paperwork and be awarded the record by the 25th Anniversary of the Simpson’s premier, which is December 17th.

Kardashian’s Butt Defeated by Comet



In what was a particularly obvious ploy for attention, Paper Magazine unleashed the big cover of their winter issue with two images. One was of Kim Kardashian balancing a wine glass on her rear end. The other one was a “tasteful” depiction of Kim’s oiled-up butt.

The idea here was more of Kardashian’s clever manipulation of the media. She is, after all, famous for being famous. To stay famous she has to exploit her assets, so to speak.

This lowest common denominator grab for attention was successful but it was not the overwhelming internet moment of the day. In the new-but-odd science of tracking popularity via twitter mentions, Kardashian was out-mentioned by the comet landing at nearly a 2-to-1 ratio. At least people like Bruce Levenson are more interested in looking at science on Wikipedia than a butt.

The comet lander Rosetta touched the surface of the icy “Comet 67P” on November 12th. Since that time, images and data have been sent back to earth for analysis. Now it is a race against time as Rosetta drills into the comet for more data as its’ battery life wears down.

Rosetta’s landing almost didn’t happen. The first two times that it touched the comet to land, Rosetta’s anchoring harpoons failed to fire.

The journey launched by the European Space Agency took over 10 years to complete with Rosetta traveling over 4 billion miles to reach it’s destination.

Can you imagine if after all that, Rosetta would have been upstaged by a Kardashian begging for attention? It is nice to see that humanity has it’s priorities in order.

Jose Canseco Recovering From Accidentally Shooting Himself in Hand



The absurd legacy of Jose Canseco took another bizarre turn on Tuesday afternoon when the former MLB slugger was reported to be recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the hand.

Canseco told police that he had been cleaning his gun when it went off. First reports were that he had lost a middle finger in the mishap. But I checked my FreedomPop tablet and his fiancee, Leila Knight, already tweeted that he would fully recover.

A controversial presence during his major league career, Canseco played for six different teams during his major league career, most prominently with the Oakland Athletics. Though he finished with 462 home runs, those numbers were forever tainted when he fully admitted using performance-enhancing drugs (PED’s) in a 2005 book.

In 1993, Canseco was the focal point of two on-field stories that elicited both chuckles and head-shaking by baseball fans everywhere. Against Cleveland in May, a ball hit to him in right field bounced off his head and over the fence at Cleveland Stadium for a home run. Soon after, he was brought in to pitch during a blowout loss to the Boston Red Sox and promptly blew out his elbow, abruptly ending his season.

Since writing his tell-all book, Canseco has attempted to play both sides of the fence by both apologizing for his past used of PED’s and endorsing related products.

Girl Gets Caught in Chimney Stalking Ex-Boyfriend



Getting caught eavesdropping can be embarrassing. Getting caught – literally – stalking your ex, then having the entire debacle live tweeted by the local fire department? That takes an embarrassment to an entirely new, red-faced level.

Twenty-eight-year-old Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa was extracted from the chimney of her ex-boyfriend’s two-story home in Thousand Oaks California on Sunday, October 19, 2014. She was discovered after neighbors called 911 upon hearing screams emanating from the chimney. According to Nunez-Figueroa’s attorney Lee G. Lovett, the former couple met online and briefly dated. This is the second time she has been caught trying to break into his home.

The Ventura County Fire Department chronicled the entire scene on their official Twitter feed, complete with pictures, virtually immortalizing Nunez-Figueroa’s shame. Firefighters removed her by spraying liquid dish soap down the chimney, and then demolishing a large portion of the brick around her before hoisting her soot-covered frame loose.

Her family has responded to the event by saying she is a good person, and offering to pay for the damage to her ex’s home.

What Dallas Athlete Got Caught Not Paying for Underwear and Cologne?



Dillard’s store employees in Frisco, Texas should be commended on not asking for an autograph and continuing to do their job. As many eyes were on an up and coming Dallas Cowboy’s player, it should be little surprise that some of them caught something amiss. Or should we say missing? Thanks to video surveillance and an on the ball team, personal items like underwear and cologne vanished into thin air. So while the Torchins were giving birth, which running back was caught red headed just as the Dallas Cowboys were headed into the right direction this season?

Needed to Lessen the Workload

The Cowboys lean on DeMarco Murray for their rushing needs. He has more carries than any one else this year. Ownership knows they need to lighten his touches and looked to Joseph Randle to do so. He had over fifty yards on five attempts against the elite defense of the Seahawks. In an odd way of celebration, he decides to risk his over $2 million dollar contract by shoplifting. While retail fraud is not the worst crime in the world, it comes at a time when the NFL is overly sensitive to any off the field events that do not bolster their image.

The math does not even support his case as the estimated value of the take lies between under a hundred up to the neighborhood of $500. Store security detained him until the authorities could arrive. He had to spend the night in jail and posted bond for his release on Tuesday. It will be interesting to see if he gets cut for this transgression by Dallas.