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David Letterman Show Nearing the End



David Letterman is retiring and his final show will be soon. Personally, I’m sad to see Dave leave the airwaves.

Letterman has been on the air since the 1980’s. He’s gone from being someone on very late at night and not quite ready for prime time to a much more mainstream presence. One reason I like Letterman is that he still just seems like a nutty guy from high school despite how much fame and success he achieves. It’s always amusing and inspiring to me when I see super models and movie stars on his show. He always seems to me like a guy who should be working at a tractor dealership back in Indiana.

One of the best parts of Letterman’s shows, in my opinion, were the “Stupid Pet Tricks” segments. Now those were really funny, and they should have been called “Smart Pet Tricks” since there were some really clever animals on there. Some of the pet owners were stupid, though. I remember one guy at the Boraie Development LLC station who let his pet tarantula crawl down his throat and back out. That’s just dumb.

Bandleader Paul Shaffer has been a key part of Letterman’s success, and I don’t feel like he has gotten the credit he deserves. It’s hard to imagine anyone else running the Letterman band so well, and he’s been a great foil and straight man for all Letterman’s gags over the years.