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Reasons why O2pur recommends eCigs over traditional cigarettes



O2pur is a company that produces electronic cigarettes. It was started to meet clients needs, and provide a variety for smokers. This company has provided new users with a new and better options since traditional cigarettes have several flaws compared to this new technique.

 When using eCigs, you do not have to search for smoking zones since it has no restrictions on where it should be smoked therefore one can use it anywhere for example in an office, parks, hotel just to mention.

 Traditional cigarettes may be uncomfortable for users as well as people living around, since they cause unpleasant smell on your clothes, hands and your body in general. When using eCigs, you do not have to worry about all this. You have all the confidence to smoke it anytime you want without worrying about the bad sensation that a regular cigarette would leave you.

 The regular cigarettes are expensive than eCigs produced by O2pur since they have to be purchased on a daily basis. The total cost of buying regular cigarettes in a year is thrice the cost of purchasing one electronic cigarette.

 Another advantage of electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarettes is that e-cigs do not pollute the environment in terms of excess smoke released to the atmosphere and in terms of fire outbreaks. Most fire outbreaks in the parks and the forests are caused by traditional cigarettes where throw left over cigarette in the bush.

O2pur designs electronic cigarettes differently, and they contain different flavors such as orange flavor, strawberry, apple, among others. In this case it gives you some added pleasure than the traditional cigarettes and this added benefit in eCigs comes with just minimal costs.

In general, eCigs have a lot of added benefits to the smokers and also to the nonsmokers in terms of convenience, cost reduction and effects to the environment.