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Nick Vertucci’s Selfless Efforts in Educating Real Estate Investors at NVREA



Not all millionaires have inherited a fortune from the parents/guardians. There is a number who worked through thin and thick to become the people they are today. Nick Vertucci is a perfect example of such people. He is the founder and CEO of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which he founded back in 2013. He had worked in the police force for years while still attending real estate training classes to gather knowledge and do thorough research.

In His Academy, Nick shares selflessly with all interested candidates. He simplifies the steps involved or required in real estate for greater success. He works with top [professionals in real estate who impart knowledge to the new investors and teach them how to flip houses. According to Nick, all you have to do is Get in, Get Out and then Get Paid. Under this model, NVREA teaches investors how to go into the market, get affordable properties then learn how to add value to the houses before selling them at a profit. Nick Vertucci is also a radio host of the Real Estate Flipping Hour. Through this show, Nick continues to mentor many investors who are looking to make a fortune out of the sector.

Although Nick succeeds in becoming one of the millionaires in a sector that is very competitive sector, he had gone through several hardships before he reached there. To start with, he suffered a significant loss as a child. He lost his father at a tender age of 10. Remaining with only his mother to depend on. Nick remembers staying up late waiting for his mother to come home. The mother was forced to do two jobs to provide for her kids. At the age of 18, Nick lived in his truck.

He never gave up; he faced life with courage no matter what life gave him. He started a computer parts business which did very well for a while until the 2000 dot com menace set in. He was rendered broke and out of business. At the time, Nick Vertucci was a father of 3 beautiful gals. He had to struggle to meet all his needs. He survived on debts for more than a year until one day his friend introduced him to some real estate training session. The classes opened Nicks mind to more significant opportunities. He learned and conquered.