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Sameer Jejurikar, MD, Making Brazilian But Lifts Safer



Head on out to a crowded space and you’ll see it everywhere. Spend just a few hours in a shopping mall, airport or sports arena and you’ll see plenty of people who have received cosmetic plastic surgery. It’s becoming incredibly normative at a slow but noticeable pace. The same thing can be said about tattoos.

Cosmetic plastic surgery may be becoming more dangerous as it becomes more popular. The expanding market means less qualified surgeons are offering up services. Prices continue to drop in a more competitive market and many surgeons are taking shortcuts in order to retain profits.

One Dallas-based doctor, Sameer Jejurikar, MD, is taking safety into his own hands. He has been practicing plastic surgery for more than 21 years and specializes in the Brazilian butt lift. Technically, it’s known as the gluteal fat grafting procedure.

The procedure sounds rather simple. The cosmetic plastic surgeon simply takes fat from one area of the body and puts it on the buttocks. But this procedure can cause something called a fat embolism where the new fat tissue gets caught up in a blood vessel. This can be fatal. It can lead to blood lots and other extremely negative complications.

That’s why Sameer Jejurikar, MD, has put together the Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. He travels the world with this task force in order to educate doctors on the common pitfalls of the procedure. He believes that doctors become more proficient at the procedure with more practice and that his task force can provide training that approximates practice.

This worldwide initiative is aiming to save lives. He educates doctors on how to balance the latest innovations with techniques that have proven track records for safety. Sameer Jejurikar’s ultimate goal is to provide the world with nicer, safer and healthier butts.