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Adam Milstein Thinks Isrealness is the Solution to Help American Jews Connect to Their Jewish Roots



Adam Milstein contributed an article to the Jerusalem Post that was published on May 5th, 2016. It addresses how Jewish groups and leaders can address the problem of many younger Jews feeling disconnected from the land of Israel and their Judaism. Mr. Milstein heads one of the biggest outreach organizations in the United States, called the American-Israeli Council. Below is a summary of his article that was featured on the Jerusalem Post.

Mr. Milstein starts off by discussing what is widely known as the Pew problem. It is a reference to a Pew research study that found a third of all Jewish Americans that are between the ages of 18-29 have no religion. Additionally, it found that two-thirds of this group did not feel a strong bond with Israel. Jews who are not strongly connected to the state of Israel are much more likely to be disconnected form their faith, culture and other Jewish people and groups.

Another study done by Brandeis University states that more than half of American Jewish college students can not correctly answer basic questions about the Jewish State of Israel. There is a strong gap between the younger millennial generation of Jews and the older Jews who represent the parents and grandparents of the young generation of the Jews in America. Older Jews are far more likely to feel connected to the Jewish state of Israel and their Judaic background. In fact, a study found that 8 out of 10 or 80% of such Jews feel a strong connection to the Jewish state of Israel.

Adam Milstein shot down criticism that the Jewish state is actually hampering efforts to bring Jewish young people closer to Judaism and Jewish groups. This argument counts on the fact that Israel is often portrayed as being controversial and a source of conflict in the world by often biased and misinformed media. Milstein argues the opposite.

He views the Jewish state of Israel and Israeli Jews as being one of the best ways to connect Jewish youth and millenials as well as middle-aged Jewish Americans with their Jewish roots. Adam Milstein points out the tremendous success that programs such as Birthright Israel, Masa Isreal and Gap Year have had in changing the attitudes of people when it comes to viewing their Jewish background and their view on Israel. Israeli-Americans such as himself can also play a crucial role in the engagement with the Jewish community by helping to bring Israeli and Jewish culture into American Jewish society.

Purina PetCare: Only the Best for Our Friends



Purina has a worldwide and long term (over 80 years) reputation for providing the best food and supplements for our pets.Developing formulas that guarantee the nutritional needs of dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes is no easy task and Purina collaborates with world famous institutions of higher learning to produce the research that leads to the foods that make our pets lives happier and healthier.

Purina is a leader in animal welfare as well. Pets are companions are their unique personalities enable humans to relate to others in situations where that was difficult and even impossible before. Elders react positively to animal contact, pets keep seniors healthy and provide companionship in times when it is not available. They are never lonely with a pet around.

Purina news coverage supports innovative programs for autistic children like the Virginia Beach SPCA’s Autistic Bridges program.Children learn to accept the pet’s affection. Often times even the pets themselves have special needs and caring for them opens up doors hat were once closed to both.Pets are interpreters of feelings that are not easily expressed in autistic children and even difficulties with other senses can be breached through pet contact.

Adopting a pet can often be a connection that benefits the child, the family and of course, the pet. Purina’s support for this and other innovative therapeutic programs is a service from the heart.

Purina also supports through its philanthropic giving animal shelters and adption agencies through grants and gifts in kind. Donations of pet food and other nutrition products helps these agencies keep their doors open and pets healthy and safe while waiting for their forever family.

Purina’s dedication to pets health and the happiness of owners and pets keeps the company involved and engaged in promoting the welfare of pets and those who enjoy their companionship.