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Savor Every Moment In The Beautiful City Of London



There are some vacation destinations that only merit a couple of days to visit. This would include places that only have one or two tourist attractions and that do not have many lodging options. Visiting a place like this and staying in a hotel for a couple of days would be just fine. However, this is not what anyone has ever said about visiting London. Visitors to London always comment on the fact that they wish they could have stayed longer to see more of the sites and enjoy more of the city. London is a city that is filled with museums, galleries, pubs, clubs, music venues, parks and many restaurants. Staying for just a few days will not allow a person to enjoy everything.

When a person visits London, it would be a good idea for them to rent an apartment where they can stay for as long as possible. Staying in London for at least a month not only allows a person to see all the sites, but it allows them to really get to know the neighborhood where they stay and even make some new friends. Fortunately, renting an apartment in London is something that is very easy to do. A person can book an apartment using services like WorldEscape or London Escape. These travel sites allow a person to find the perfect apartment for them while they are in London.

The main reason why staying an apartment in London is such a great idea is because it saves money. If a person had to pay for a hotel for two weeks or more, they would likely break the bank. However, if a person stays for an extended amount of time in an apartment, they will be able to find very reasonably priced accommodations. It saves money in other ways as well. For example, most apartments are fully furnished and have a complete kitchen. This means that a person can prepare entire meals in their home. Instead of spending a lot of money on meals in restaurants every single day, some meals can be prepared in the apartment. Also, coffee and tea can be prepared, which will save a lot a lot of money.

Depending on a person’s particular circumstances, they may be able to split the cost by sharing an apartment with a friend who is traveling with them. This will save them even more money, which will allow them to have more money for their fun vacation in London.

Enrich Your London Vacation With Vacation Rentals


With all the sites and sounds of modern day London, visitors touring the Old World city need a place to lay their heads. Rates and locations vary, but there are some reasonable options for those looking for a place to sleep or a home away from home. offers a sampling of bed and breakfast options of all types. There are bare bones options with a simple bed only, all the way up to high-style locales complete with set tables, home decor, laundry facilities, mini kitchens, spacious areas to recline and even entertain friends. On the lower end, these rooms go for about $32 to just under $100. For more space and offerings, rates run upwards of $400.

Another option for vacationers who are looking for longer term housing facilities is a vacation apartment rental. Home From Home has family and business options. Some of the popular locations for London Vacation Rentals are Kensington, Chelsea, Notting Hill, Knightsbridge, Fulham, Holland Park, Shepherds Bush and Parsons Green. These apartments vary from studio to six-bedroom luxury suites, which average around $661 per night. is an excellent resource for touring London and sorting out where to stay after a dinner of fish and chips. This family-run company has been booking homes away from home for years. The website has a complete London city guide You’ll find apartments, boutique hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts. Readers can search for places to stay based on location as well.

The company offers ’round the clock booking and requests, and commission is only paid when a booking is confirmed. Owners can register and have access to a multi-lingual help desk. World Escape operates in 40-plus cities and on more than 30 travel sites. The company holds its owners to high standards and chooses to list only those properties that meet or go beyond their standards.