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Recapping the Truths of NewsWatch Tv’s Review



According to the video review of Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign, the amount of exposure that NewsWatch Tv provides for Fortune 500 companies, independent app developers, non – profit organizations, and small businesses from around the world shows varied but positive results. If the goal was to either expand the members of a campaign or to raise a certain amount of money the goal was not only met but was exceeded. For example in the case of The Avanca Crowdfunding campaign was a great success because $456,551 was raised which meant that they achieved 2,939 % of their goal in the 30 day period.

NewsWatch Tv is a morning news entertainment show based in Arlington, VA that updates its viewers on the latest technology, finances, medical discoveries, health, news, celebrities, and more. In the United States NewsWatch Tv airs on the AMC Network and the ION Network and reaches over 96 million people nationwide on each edition. Over the past 25 years the series has reached over 700 million people which in turn gives NewsWatch Tv the title of “One of the Most Successful Independently produced News magazines on television.” The awards that NewsWatch Tv has received in 2017 like The Gold and Platinum for the prestigious Marcom Award and the Videographer Award proves that NewsWatch deserves the title of the most successful independently produced news magazines on television.

Between July 2010 and July 2017 NewsWatch Tv has become the go – to program for over 650 of America’s top entertainers and celebrities to have discussions. Over the past year Hollywood stars such as Carrie Underwood, Bradley Cooper, Cee Lo Green, Dwayne Johnson, are just a few of the hundreds of well – known celebrities that have appeared on the program in order to discuss any of the latest causes and issues they support. In the past year NewsWatch Tv has also features hundreds of well – known companies including: Ford, Toyota, Bounty, Nascar, Legos, Kelly Blue Book, Suave, Discovery Channel, American Heart Association.