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$4 billion dollar investment guru Chris Linkas



Chris affirms that when it time comes to invest in your retirement, It’s always best to start in your youth. Here is an example to show how starting in your youth or starting later can affect your investment when it comes to your retirement. Madison began investing early and earning an interest of $225,000. This is more than another investor named Cooper who does not have that much to spend during his retirement. Those who begin to invest late in life are often riddled with how they will invest their money in the present and future. When you start investing early, you have a great advantage because of when you began. Well-informed investors understand the benefits of investing early.


Investing Tips

Is always best to hear from a well-seasoned advisor. Chris Linkas is the Managing Director and European Head of Credit with a London based investment firm and is frequently asked about the best time to start investing in one’s future. He stated that the earlier you begin planning for retirement, the sooner you will begin to see the potential of your ROI(Return on Investment). The best way to explain the correlation between early planning and compound interest is with another example using Madison. The mid 20-year-old Madison invests around $2,000 annually over 10 years in her 401k that is matched by her company, with a 10% interest growth. The earlier you begin investing, the less stress you will endure and the more financially stabled you will be in the future ( Early investing can play a part in how you will approach your finances in the future and can lead to making less irresponsible mistakes.


About Chris LInkas

Chris created his financial career in 1993 and combined it with his Philosophy degree that he received from Bowdoin College. He has been in finances for over 25 years and began his success in New York. His affluent knowledge involving finances makes him a desirable candidate to w3ork with for top companies. Chris was also am to keep account of $4 billion of book balance within 18 months. This led to a career-changing opportunity in New York City with Goldman Sachs.