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Dr. Johanan Rand is More Than a Doctor – He’s a Role Model



Working out of New Jersey, Dr. Johanan Rand is responsible for establishing Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Dr. Rand’s areas of practice include both psychiatry and the treatment of physical illnesses, including physical rehabilitation. Dr. Rand previously worked at New York City’s Albert Einstein Medical Center.


Doctor of Good Example

In his practice, Dr. Johanan Rand is very particular about the treatments and therapies he’s willing to recommend. He won’t prescribe any treatment that isn’t backed by support from a respected medical journal. Peer review is very important to Johanan Rand, because he feels that’s the best way to establish the safest, most effective treatments for his patients.

Most of Dr. Rand’s patients are eager to remark on his warm bedside manner. He has shown himself to be kind and empathetic, qualities which his patients find reassuring. As a fitness and nutrition expert, Dr. Johanan Rand is a strong proponent of lifestyle changes and preventative care. He believes the best way to optimized health is through our own choices.

These are not just hollow words. Dr. Rand practices what he preaches. At 50 years old, Johanan is healthier than many of his younger patients. For that reason, they look to him for inspiration, heeding his advice and knowing it comes from personal experience.

Today, Dr. Johanan Rand is writing a self help book, which will share his advice for living a healthier and longer life. His charisma and passion is contagious, inspiring the people he meets to change their lives.


Doctor with Extra Mile

As might be expected, Dr. Johanan Rand isn’t the type of doctor to throw drugs at a problem. Instead, he has devised a program intended to return his patients to a better quality of life. Instead of prescription drugs, Dr. Rand recommends a regiment of dietary supplements, regular physical activity, bio-identical hormones, and healthier eating habits. Before he will even discuss the program with a patient, he first conducts a thorough physical exam to determine the exact state of health of the individual. This is done to ensure every health condition is addressed.

While Johanan Rand may not be the typical doctor, there’s no denying he has great empathy for his patients. He wants them to live healthier lifestyles, because he knows that’s the best way to reduce the risks of many degenerative illnesses. For Dr. Rand, treating the condition is more important than alleviating the symptom.