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Why Would Sam Tabar Invest In THINX Underwear?



PR Newswire first ran this story about how a great investor decided that he was going to put his money in underwear. Most people do not think of underwear as a good place to put your money, but you would be surprised what Sam Tabar found when he met with the founders of THINX.

THINX is an underwear company that sells to women who have issues with mentruation or incontinence. The underwear are pretty, and they allow ladies to feel beautiful even if they are having these troubles. However, there is another layer to the THINX story.

Sam discovered that THINX works with AFRIpads. AFRIpads is a campaign that sends pads to women and girls in villages all over the African continent. These women often cannot control their periods, and they have to stay at home until their periods have passed. This causes girls to miss a lot of school, and this makes it impossible for women to work on behalf of their families. Every pair of underwear sold in America sends seven pads to women in Africa. The combination of a great product and this worthwhile cause was reason enough for Sam to invest, and it may well be a good reason for you to invest, as well.