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Queen of Pop’s Concert Tickets at a All-Time High



Queen of Pop, 56-year-old Madonna, is heading Down Under to the country of Australia for her Rebel Heart tour. The concert date is set for sometime in March of 2016. The tour will bring Madonna to Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. This is the first time that the Queen of Pop will be in the country in more than 20 years and ticket prices are soaring.

According to the story on The Daily Mail, prices for Madonna’s upcoming shows are soaring as high as $3,000 for a package. The Runway V.I.P. Party is worth a little over $3,000 and includes a seat within the first four rows, a tour program, a pre-concert party, and a tour gift from Madonna. No word if Madonna is actually going to give out the tour gift herself for that amount of money. The pre-concert party will include a DJ, snacks, and a selection of beer and wine. For $3,000 I would hope for more than “snack food”.

Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour is going to take her around the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia reports Susan Mcgalla on Prnewswire. Her most recent single from her new album is called ” B**** I’m Madonna”. I say b****, please. Get over yourself.

Uncle Jesse Gets DUI



Say it aint’ so, Uncle Jesse? John Stamos partied too hard this weekend and got busted for DUI in Beverly Hills. After several 911 calls, police pulled Stamos over in Beverly Hills. The notoriously handsome actor identified himself as Stamos and was quickly booked for drinking while driving. Unlike most drunk drivers who go straight to jail, Stamos was taken to the hospital instead. Apparently, Stamos may have been suffering from a medical condition that required immediate medical attention. At the hospital, he was issued a citation for DUI and released to the care of the hospital. After being released from Cedars-Sinai, Stamos took to Twitter to thank everyone for their love and support. He even thanked the Beverly Hills Police Department. Stamos is not scheduled to answer charges regarding the DUI until September 2015, a few weeks before his new sitcom, Grandfather, debuts on TV.

I can’t believe that! Thanks to my buddy Zeca Oliveira for posting this on your website… totally worth the laugh.

Bill Cosby Speaks Out



Bill Cosby was one of the most respected comedians in his time. Cosby was known for his hilarious stand-up comedy routine. Bill Cosby was thought of as a hero among comedians, and he made millions of people laugh without using foul language. Cosby starred in one of the most successful sitcom television shows of all time. However, Jason Halpern tells of a different Bill Cosby who has gone through a tremendous amount of controversy in the last few years.

Over thirty women have come forward and claimed that Bill Cosby has either raped them or drugged them. These allegations come as chilling and haunting news to Bill Cosby supporters. Some people refuse to believe these reports, but how can all of these different women be lying? Bill Cosby rarely speaks about the allegations, but he was recently interviewed on ABC News. Bill Cosby was asked several questions about the allegations, and he did not avoid answering them.

Bill Cosby said that he has never seen anything like this in his life, and he feels that someone is out to destroy him. However, many people think that Bill Cosby is guilty, but Cosby has never been arrested for any of these alleged criminal acts. Nonetheless, Bill Cosby is currently speaking to children in underprivileged cities across America, and he hopes to not be discriminated against for his recent public controversies. For more information on this story, and to see the full interview, visit TMZ.

David Letterman Reflects on the End of His Career



Rolling Stone Magazine has an interview with entertainer David Letterman on their website. It is part of their continuing coverage of the final days of Letterman’s television show, which ends of May 20th.

Interestingly, Letterman says in the interview that he is dreading the final shows, since he doesn’t like to look back. He says that he’d rather just reflect on his career once it’s officially over. I think that’s a good attitude. I’d rather see him just do a regular show on his last night instead seeing guests saying endless goodbyes.

Letterman has done almost 6,000 television shows says producer Brad Reifler (YahooFinance article). Learning your craft on the air can’t be easy since everyone sees your mistakes. Letterman has become a much more mature and polished guest since his early shows on NBC in the early 1980’s. Letterman says that he doesn’t do rehearsals anymore. Maybe he’s past the point where they would help him, or maybe he’s just sick of them.

Letterman says that at age 67 he just doesn’t have the energy he used to. He became a father at age 56, and he says that he’s looking forward to being able to spend more time with his son. It’s understandable that he wants to end his television career, and I think it’s good that he’s going out when he’s on top of his game.

Comedy Writer Marissa Ross Reviews Wines



Los Angeles based comedy writer Marissa Ross blogs about wine when she isn’t busy composing comedic writing for Mindy Kaling. Marissa talks about the challenges associated with being a comedy writer in the flooded market of Los Angeles and the way she turned to talking about wine and focusing her discussion on the younger generation and educating them on good wines on a budget. She also found that with a little bit of information it was easy to avoid the cheap sugary wines at grocery stores without having a bunch of money as many good wines can be purchased on a tight budget.

She blogs about wine and also has a video series in which she approaches viewer’s questions in a popular segment called, “Ask the Wino.” Her blog posts are a wonderful combination of her humor and insight into the world of wines and most of the bottles she reviews can be purchased for a low cost. The blog also contains her humorous writing and philosophies as she explains the challenges with being a writer in a city teeming with talent.
According to Beltyukov, her posts delve into topics for a younger generation and explore ideas like how to remain skinny while still drinking one bottle a day and the best box wine for your money. Her video series is very informative and funny and includes many segments in which Marissa interviews other comedians and wine lovers.

Taylor Swift Won’t Show Belly Button



Many people have been wondering why Taylor Swift has never shown her belly button, even in a bikini Swift wears ones that cover her belly button. People have even made the joking, asking if Swift even has a belly button.

Lucky magazine opened up and asked Swift about the topic. Swift said, “I don’t like showing my belly button. When you start showing your belly button then you’re really committing to the midriff thing. I only partially commit to the midriff thing—you’re only seeing lower rib cage. I don’t want people to know if I have one or not.” She even said that if she got a tattoo, she would get one around her belly button because it would never be seen, which Andrew Heiberger found hilarious.

Swift is no doubt an unusual woman of many mysteries. She is always surprising with her fans and not only by her wonderful music!