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Why do Women Wear Lipstick?



Lipstick is a commonly used cosmetic and in many cases is even the first makeup a girl tries out. As she gets older, the girl evolves into a woman who may love lipstick so much she considers it part of her very being and wouldn’t be caught without it on her lips. It is the only makeup some women use. But why do they wear it?

One of the reasons women like lipstick is because it makes them look more sexy and beautiful and desirable. Some say older women want their lips to be colorful because young girls’ lips are brighter than older, so they make their lips look better with lipstick. Some claim lipstick is a subconscious way for women to attract men because the lipstick stands for the lips of their vagina. Others just want to stand out in a crowd and get people of both sexes to notice them.

Women First Wore Lipstick to Defy Normal Behavior

When women first started to wear lipstick in public it was meant to defy what was considered normal since it was believed in the 1900s that nice girls didn’t wear lipstick, only actors and whores. But the women felt empowered so they kept wearing it until it was accepted by society.

Some women these days are always on the lookout for different products to add to their makeup table and that includes all different kinds of lipstick. There are the traditional reds and pinks all the way to gothic blacks or even neutral shades that are worn over or under other colors. Every woman has her own idea of what kind of lipstick she loves if she uses it. Some may want to match their clothing, while others may just want to be noticed or to try to get a trend started.

Modern Lipstick Allows Women to Be Different, Inventive

In the 21st century women who wear lipstick do it for all of the above reasons and also for reasons of their own. Today there are dozens or more kinds of lipstick and many different colors and shades. A lipstick made by one iconic company is bucking the norm again by putting out vegan, cruelty free made lipstick that is all pastel and odd shades. This is Lime Crime, owned and operated by business woman Doe Deere from Los Angeles, California.

Lime Crime on pinterest is popular as a brand to help women express themselves. This lipstick brand comes in colors like lime green, pastel pinks, light and dark blues, light orange, purple, different shades of red and an opaque shade. It can be worn with or without lip gloss to make it stand out better.

So, why do women wear lipstick? It all depends on the woman and today’s women likes special choices like Lime Crime.