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David McDonald Is Taking The OSI Group To New Heights



David McDonald has always been known for being a businessman that got his career started at college with obtaining his degree in Animal Science. After beginning his career he held a position for the North American Meat Institute as being their Chairman. Then he went on to work for the OSI Group where he slowly worked his way up the corporate ladder to being the companies president.

Since opening, the OSI Group has been able to make huge improvements in the food industry. The company strives in being able to provide both top quality products and services to each of their customers. McDonald’s is one company that has been with the OSI Group for well over 30 years now.

The company has gradually been increasing its business since first opening and has resulted in David McDonald working hard to make sure that the company can keep up with the company’s constantly growing customer base. To make sure the business flows as it needs to they make sure to keep a close look at local marketers to make sure that each of their customer’s needs are being met.

The OSI Group has recently made a transition to buying Baho Foods. This is a company that specializes in both the processing of deli meats and other foods. Due to the company’s decision, they are now beginning to gain a popular presence within the European region. Also, due to David McDonald’s amazing work ethic, the OSI Group has established well over 10 Chinese facilities, that all help to aid in handling poultry.

When David McDonald first graduated from college he did not expect to right away be at the top of the corporate ladder. Instead, he knew that he would have to put in hard work and continue to grow his career. Once he joined OSI Group he knew that he wanted to one day make it to the top. Three decades later he is still working with the OSI Group and continuing to help grow the company in any way that he can, hoping that this will lead to a bright future for the company.