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George Soros and Angela Merkel in Quest to Change Europe



George Soros feels that he’s got a lot in common with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. First, they both grew up under totalitarian regimes.

George Soros, as a Jewish boy, had hard time surviving in Nazi-occupied Hungary where he was born in 1930. Later on, he was able to move to the United Kingdom, where he finished the London School of Economics, and later to the United States where he became a multi-billionaire as a financial speculator and a hedge fund manager.

Merkel also experienced a totalitarian regime, but from a different perspective. She was raised in a Communist-run East Germany. That’s where she started her political career and eventually made it to the German political mainstream after the reunification, while staying true to her socialist background.

The second thing in common is the willingness to help the Middle Eastern refugees. More than a million migrants flocked to Germany in 2015, with more on the way, after encouraging statements from the Chancellor.

Meanwhile, Soros stated on that Europe needs to accept millions of migrants more. His foundations, indeed, encourage migration and seek to assist the migrants to get to Europe.

This has caused great controversies in Europe, with many blaming both Merkel and Soros for seeking to erode European culture and identity by letting culturally different migrants, some of whom don’t even come from Iraq or Syria, but rather present fake passports. What’s more, the terrorist state, ISIS, openly admitted it’s sending its fighters among the refugees.

The Hungarian leader, Victor Orban, openly criticized Soros. There’s also opposition coming from the Central European members of the EU when it comes to accepting the migrants. These countries refuse to accept migrant quotas that Merkel wanted to establish after more migrants than expects arrived in Germany.

Soros went on to criticize these formerly Communist countries and claimed that they’re not used to open societies. He went further to say that the European Union can collapse as a result of the crisis. With many countries closing borders and building fences, the Schengen Zone is about to become a history.

The other factor bringing on pressure is the potential Brexit. The UK voters will decide in June if they want their country to continue to be a member of the EU. In addition, there’s unresolved Greek debt crisis, which may weaken, or even destroy, then common currency, Euro.

With more migrants on the way, there surely will be more turmoil in Europe. No one knows for sure how the continent will look at the end of this year.