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Give Your Dog The Best With Beneful



There are many types of dog food out on the market today. Many are changing the way we feed our beloved four legged best friends. Some of these changes are a long time coming. They include new recipes and ways to boost the protein and fiber intake for dogs. This hasn’t always been on the forefront of ideas for some dog food companies but one has decided to make it their main goal.

Purina’s Beneful is the dog food brand that is changing up the game. There are a few ingredients that have been deemed indigestible for dogs and Beneful is doing all they can to assure dog owners that these ingredients do not make it into their brand. Owners can sleep soundly at night knowing that when they feed their furry friend Beneful they are providing them with the best nutrients available.

Some of these wonderful recipes from Beneful include protein packed vegetables like carrots and green beans. One type of food available even has eggs in the recipe. The standard beef and chicken are also in the recipes. Although, a new meat protein is available and that is wild salmon.

In the wet food that Beneful offers there is a lot more variety. One recipe includes wild beef, wild rice, tomatoes, and carrots. Salmon and chicken are also available in the wet dog foods. Some recipes include solely the protein. This means there is no extra vitamins from carrots, green beans, tomatoes, or even eggs. It is only the main protein of beef, chicken, or salmon.

Next time you are doing the groceries and need to pick up some dog food. Why don’t you give Beneful a try? There are so many recipes to choose from that there is positively a chance your dog will enjoy all of them.