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Beneful as a Delicous Benefit for Your Dog



With more people wanting to eat healthier and choosing food that is less processed, it is not surprising that the trend is extending to our dog food. Beneful Dog Food has answered the call for a tasty, nutritiously sound dog food that dogs love. Plus, the price is budget-friendly for almost any family.

Beneful is a division of Purina Dog Food, a brand that has been trusted for generations by dog and other pet owners. Its main branch is in St. Louis, with other divisions across the nation. People are finding that Beneful has a perfect blend of nutrition and a rich, meaty taste that appeals to even the pickiest dogs.

Like humans, dogs enjoy a variety of tastes and textures. This is why the makers of Beneful have developed twenty different varieties of dog food, both dry and wet. When reading the ingredient labels, the dog owner will find fresh sources of protein such as beef, chicken, pork, turkey or lamb. There are also fresh vegetables such as peas, carrots, green beans and potatoes. They also use rice instead of fillers that are not in a dog’s natural diet. It is not a list of synthetic ingredients that are hard to pronounce and unfamiliar. The ingredients of Beneful are things we would have in our own pantry.

The developers of the Beneful dog food brand are dog lovers and owners themselves. The company is comprised of a large team of veterinarians and dog nutritionists that have come up with tasty blends of meats, grains and vegetables that includes the vitamins and minerals for optimal canine health. It is impressive to open a container of Beneful and actually seeing fresh, whole ingredients that are recognizable.

It is assuring to know that the people who developed Beneful continue to research dog health and the different tastes that dogs crave. One of the reasons this company is so successful is that they actually love dogs and want the very best for them. Purina, parent company of Beneful, initiated an annual “Bring your Dog to Work Day”. The dogs get to be with their owners and sample some of the tasty treats that Beneful offers. Purina has encouraged other dog food companies to implement this program to remind their workers of their true purpose: healthy and happy dogs.

The variety offered by the Beneful brand is quite impressive and meets the needs of different sizes of dogs as well as life stages. There are the varieties with crunchy kibbles and meaty pieces as well as smaller bits for puppies or small breeds. In the wet varieties, there is smooth blends and chunky, meaty options. Dog owners can buy three ounce cans or multipacks.

Not only does Beneful make delicious food for dogs, but they offer five varieties of savory snacks and treats that make dogs happy to be obedient. Some of our dogs’ favorite flavors, like peanut butter, cheese, bacon and turkey are available. There are savory crackers and baked biscuit types with flavorful centers that will make dogs stand up and beg.

Beneful dog food has a large consumer base and is trusted in America and internationally as a nutritionally fit diet and snack line. Dogs truly are our best friends and deserve to have healthy food that they enjoy eating. They can also enjoy the variety of treats that owners can feel good about giving their pet. One of the key components of a dog having quality of life into senior years is nutrition. With Beneful brand dog food, owners can meet these needs.